Mathematics Pathways 3rd Quarter
Yukon-Koyukuk School District Mathematics Instructor
My Quia activities and quizzes
MathHSGQE 08-01 "The Real Number Line and Integers"
MathHSGQE 08-02 "Comparing Integers"
MathHSGQE 08-03 "Even and Odd Integers"
MathHSGQE 08-04 "Adding Positive Integers"
MathHSGQE 08-05 "Adding Negative Integers"
MathHSGQE 08-06 "Subtracting Positive and Negative Integers"
MathHSGQE 08-07 "Multiplying by Positive Integers"
MathHSGQE 08-08 "Multiplying by Negative Integers"
MathHSGQE 08-09 "Dividing Positive and Negative Integers"
MathHSGQE 08-10 App "Ice Cold"
MathHSGQE 08-11 TEST "Integers"
MathHSGQE 09-01 "Exponents"
MathHSGQE 09-02 "Multiplying with Exponents"
MathHSGQE 09-03 "Dividing with Exponents"
MathHSGQE 09-04 "Squares"
MathHSGQE 09-05 "Cubes"
MathHSGQE 09-06 "Square Roots"
MathHSGQE 09-07 "Irrational Numbers and Square Roots"
MathHSGQE 09-08 "Irrational Numbers as Decimals"
MathHSGQE 09-09 "Radicals in Equations"
MathHSGQE 09-10 "The Pythagorean Theorem"
MathHSGQE 09-11 "More About Triangles"
MathHSGQE 09-12 APP "Applying the Pythagorean Theorem"
MathHSGQE 09-13 TEST "Exponents, Radicals, and the Pythagorean Theorem"
MathHSGQE 10-01 "Perimeter of Polygons"
MathHSGQE 10-02 "Perimeters of Regular Polygons"
MathHSGQE 10-03 "Perimeters of Irregular Polygons"
MathHSGQE 10-04 "Areas of Rectangles and Squares"
MathHSGQE 10-05 "Areas of Triangles"
MathHSGQE 10-06 "Areas of Trapezoids and Parallelograms"
MathHSGQE 10-07 "Areas of Irregular Polygons"
MathHSGQE 10-08 "Circumferences and Areas of Circles"
MathHSGQE 10-09 "Solid Figures"
MathHSGQE 10-10 "Surface Areas of Prisms and Cylinders"
MathHSGQE 10-11 "Surface Areas of Pyramids and Cones"
MathHSGQE 10-12 "Volumes of Cubes, Prisms, and Pyramids"
MathHSGQE 10-13 "Volumes of Cylinders, Cones, and Spheres"
MathHSGQE 10-14 APPLICATION "Dilation"
MathHSGQE 10-15 TEST "Equations from Geometry"
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