Mathematics Pathways 4th Quarter
Yukon-Koyukuk School District Mathematics Instructor
My Quia activities and quizzes
MathHSGQE 11-01 "Graphing Equalities"
MathHSGQE 11-02 "Graphing Inequalities"
MathHSGQE 11-03 "Graphing Solutions of Equalities"
MathHSGQE 11-04 "Graphing Solutions of Inequalities"
MathHSGQE 11-05 "The Coordinate System - Locating Points"
MathHSGQE 11-06 "The Coordinate System - Plotting Points"
MathHSGQE 11-07 "Determining the Points of a Line"
MathHSGQE 11-08 "Lines as Functions"
MathHSGQE 11-09 "Domain and Range of a Function"
MathHSGQE 11-10 "Graphing Lines"
MathHSGQE 11-11 "The Slope of a Line"
MathHSGQE 11-12 "Formula for the Slope of a Line"
MathHSGQE 11-13 "The Slope-Intercept Form of a Line"
MathHSGQE 11-14 Application "The Story Line"
MathHSGQE 11-15 TEST "Graphing"
MathHSGQE 12-01 "Angles and Angle Measures"
MathHSGQE 12-02 "Identifying and Classifying Angles"
MathHSGQE 12-03 "Complementary and Supplementary Angles"
MathHSGQE 12-04 "Angle Measure in a Triangle"
MathHSGQE 12-05 "Naming Triangles"
MathHSGQE 12-06 "Congruent Triangles"
MathHSGQE 12-07 "Similar Triangles"
MathHSGQE 12-08 "Parallelograms"
MathHSGQE 12-09 "Quadrilaterals and Diagonals"
MathHSGQE 12-10 QUIZ "Polygons and Diagonals"
MathHSGQE 12-11 QUIZ "Reflections in the Coordinate Plane"
MathHSGQE 12-12 QUIZ "Special Reflections: Symmetries"
MathHSGQE 12-13 "Slides and Translations"
MathHSGQE 12-14 "Rotations"
MathHSGQE 12-15 Application QUIZ "Plane Cover-Up"
MathHSGQE 12-16 TEST "Geometry"
MathHSGQE 13-01 "Bar Graphs"
MathHSGQE 13-02 Quiz "Frequency Tables"
MathHSGQE 13-03 Quiz "Circle Graphs"
MathHSGQE 13-04 Quiz "Histograms"
MathHSGQE 13-05 Quiz "Scatterplots"
MathHSGQE 13-06 Quiz "Mean"
MathHSGQE 13-07 Quiz "Median"
MathHSGQE 13-08 Quiz "Mode"
MathHSGQE 13-09 Quiz "Range"
MathHSGQE 13-10 Quiz "Box-and-Whisker Plots"
MathHSGQE 13-11 Quiz "The Probability Fraction"
MathHSGQE 13-12 Quiz "Dependent and Independent Events"
MathHSGQE 13-13 Quiz "The Fundamental Principle of Counting"
MathHSGQE 13-14 APP "Tally Up"
MathHSGQE 13-15 TEST "Data, Statistics, and Probability"
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