hudnall Mrs. Hudnall
Humble Middle
Welcome to 8th Pre-Algebra.  This course is preparation for Algebra I in 9th.  Practicing the skills I am teaching is crucial to retaining the skills for next year.

Students must complete a daily warmup as soon as they enter the classroom.  I collect these each Friday and record the grade for the week.  This weekly warmup score counts 10% of the student's average.

Students are assigned homework several nights each week.  The grades from homework and classwork count 30% of the student's average.  Students may come to tutoring to clear zeros with a late grade of 50; the work must be done in tutoring time.

Students have 3-4 tests each six weeks. One of these tests will be a notebook test. If a student fails a test, he may choose to come to tutoring after school for help and retest the material for a maximum grade of 70.  Test grades count 60% of the student's average.

Students have an assignment page in their notebook on which to record each and every grade.

Please encourage your student to attend tutoring with me in Room 605 on Tuesdays 4:00 - 4:50 p.m. if he/she is having trouble with any skill.
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