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Hello!  We are in Miss Pruskey's third period U.S. History class.For our project we decided to creat a web page on Langston Hughes. This page will contain information on the life, history, and poetry of the late great Langston Hughes.
   Langston Hughes was born on February 1, 1902 in Joplin, Missouri.  Shortly after he was born, his father left for Mexico.  At the age of five Hughes was left to live with his grandmother. At the age of 12 his grandmother died.  Hughes then moved to live with his friends in Lincoln, Illinios.  Hughes went to Cleveland High school and was very successful.  He read many books from black writers which encouraged him to publish poetry and stories in the Central High Monthly Magazine. 
   After graduating from high school, Hughes was on his way to the south.  While crossing the mississippi river , Hughes wrote "The Negro Speaks of Rivers," which was soon printed in The Crisis in 1921.  He moved to Harlem, New York, in November 1924.  While attending Columbia University Hughes met two important writers: W.E.B Dubois, the editor of The Crisis, and Countee Cullen, a young Harlem poet.  He then left Columbia University. He moved to the upper part of Manhattan near the campus, in 1924. In 1925 He won first prize in a contest with "Weary Blues," which gained attention of many writers. Langston Hughes decided he wanted to follow in the steps of his grandmother's family, so he attented an all white institution, and publishing a case  of a black man who had been accused of raping two white ladies.
    Langston Hughes wrote many stories, novels, speeches, and also children's books. Langston Hughes died on May 22, 1967, he was 67 years old. He died in a New York hospital, but he was still a productive writer.
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