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Good Luck with the challenge board below. Just click on the link in the Activity section below and have a go (it's good practice!)

The status of your project should be as follows -

1. Your Specification should be finished by now!
2. You should have some pretty functional Spreadsheets and PowerPoint apps running.
3. Don't forget that EVERY time you do something in your project(even if it fails!) you should be entering it into your Progress Log or Into your Implementation paperwork.
4. A completed CONTENTS page
5. A few tests with results and resulting alterations would be nice about now.

Remember what I said about, do a little often...the worse thing you can do is think 'What the hell...I'll catch up later....'

Just keep plodding away and nibbling away at the does get easier and the end will soon be in sight.

Even if you feel that you have skived a little bit since before Xmas there is still time (easily!!) to catch up and get to the above status within a couple of weeks.
If any of you feel that you are struggling or feeling thick PLEASE pop and see me....we'll soon have you back on track.

Mr Langdon.
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