Miami Dade community College Humanities 1020 - 328200 - spring 2005-2
The firsy THREE students who can tell me why the colors of your page is significant to an artist we have studied, will get THREE points extra on their last test.  (Aren't you glad you looked??)

I have gone over the list below ....after making up the test ...and I have deleted any excessive words.  It is not that I do not want you to remember everything, but you are such nice people and I want you to do well.....which you will if you can learn the vocabulary words below:
for test 3 - TUESDAY - April 24th - 7:10.............
Grading scale is:  375 ( including three 100 pt test and 75 pts. xtra credit) to 330 = A
329 - 262 - B ;  261-225 - C;  224 - 187 - D;  below that is  =  :-(

NO music to i.d. but know about it.........
BAROQUE (what does the word mean) – (do you know the word, gaudy?)
WHO was paying the bill during the Baroque
Patrons:   Louie XIV(French king) – Versailles (movie=Man in the Iron Mask- extra credit)
                Elizabeth I also extra credit- England
1600 – 1750 – world events – America? - know what happened in 1776
and how the French were inspired in 1789...REVOLUTIONS - "enough is enough!"
Composers:  Vivaldi  -  J.S. Bach- I was told Prof Donis)  you did hear the Toccata in d minor (organ) but it is not on the test....just Bach being a Baroque composer....(the one with 20 kids)
Heard in class:  
Toccata in d minor;
Spring from the Four Seasons- Vivaldi - example of program music.
Program music- tells a story or gives a description
Absolute music- symphony 40 - music for music's sake -
Beginning of the orchestra (strings mainly) ensemble

Rembrandt –  - Amsterdam
Bernini – sculptor – Italy- sculpted Louis
CLASSICAL (where did the word come from?)
WHO was paying the bills?
Patrons:  1750 – 1825 –
how was America influenced by “classical” philosophy?
MUSIC – Amadeus - movie- remember how Mozart was???
Heard in class: W.A. Mozart – Symphony # 40

Jaques Louis David’- Death of Murat.  He used this as a "propaganda piece" to influence people like today's advertisements do..............
ROMANTIC (characteristics of the word)- emotional common man, etc.
WHO was finally paying the bill? WE THE PEOPLE!!! - Industrial Revolution
World events -  1825 – 1900 – Civil war in America
Poetry – Elizabeth Barrett Browning – “How do I love thee?”- Romantic Poetress!!!
Beethoven – Symphony # 5 –( fate knocking)=motive- not on the test - not sure you heard it but you could go buy it - and love it!!!
Goya – Spain – Propaganda art
Rodin – sculptor- the KISS - the Thinker..
Impressionism – What caused change in art?    - invention of the camera.                           How was music?  sensuous - wandering - sounded like "nature" - (water - outer space)

ART – Monet – impressionist       Post-impressionism – Van Gogh -
20th C   philosophy – Influence of Freud
Poetry – p. 466 – YEATS –
Artists of the 20th century:
Pablo Picasso – cubist
Andy Warhol – pop artist
Vincent Van gogh – post – impressionist
Salvadore Dali – surrealist
Jackson Pollock - abstract expressionist
MUSIC – The Rite of Spring – 1913 – Stravinsky
John Cage – prepared piano – 4:33 - WIERD BUT VALID - REMEMBER EXPERIMENTATION OF PIANO???
John Adams - Short Ride on a fast Machine - Lots or repeated notes - minimalistic as the repetition of Warhol's coke bottles.....
KNOW the art on these pages in your book:
351,353,357,428,429,430, 435, 445,448, poem - 466, 488,489,492,495, 501,508,510, (environmental)555 - not on test but a Duane Hanson sculture....

You only have 13 pictures to i.d. but some info from a few of these.....only what was covered in class.
Conclusion:  Some years are "difficult - full of rebellion and action"(Romantic) but others are beautiful - peaceful (inpressionism).  There is the continuous "Romantic/Classical Swing"....just like in our days.
This variety gives us MOTION.  Moral of our study this term:       Never be stagnant! You will rot!
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