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Rocky Mountain Elementary Information Technology Studies (Computers)
Rocky Mountain Elementary
Information Technology Studies
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The computer is a tool for managing information.  It can simplify tasks such as accessing data and organizing ideas.  Today’s students - tomorrow’s citizens need these skills earlier and earlier.  It is the goal of the Rocky Mountain Information Technology Studies computer program to prepare our students with these necessary skills.
Meeting this goal requires many different elements.

The state and school district have identified the skills each student needs and the curriculum tools to teach those skills.   The curriculum uses the Utah State Core  objectives as its core.  A detailed list of these is available from the school.  Typing will still be taught as an important life skill.  The focus will be more on word processing, using WordPerfect and AppleWorks.  An emphasis in all areas will be placed on problem solving, including databases, spreadsheets and presentations.  AppleWorks and HyperStudio will be used for presentations.  It is the philosophy of the computer program to make the use of the computer as practical in the other areas of the curriculum as possible.  An emphases will be placed in integrating the computer into the content areas of the curriculum and reinforcing the content areas in the core classes.

Attendance and Homework
Rocky Mountain Elementary and Alpine School District attendance policies will be followed.  As a general rule no homework will be expected from this class.  Assignments will be recorded daily and the following key will be used: MWD = Missing When Due (Counts as zero until completed and turned in within a week of the due date - 20% will be deducted for the assignment being turned in late. AWD = Absent When Due (Counts as zero until completed and turned in within a week of the due date and is the student’s responsibility to ask for.  NTI = Not Turned In (Assignment never was turned in and has passed the deadline to be accepted and is recorded as a permanent zero unless arrangements have been made between the teacher, student and parent. E = Excused or Exempt. If an assignments is one that cannot be made-up, then that score will not be held against the student’s grade.  Students will be graded on format.  Full Name and Date count as part of the grade.

Progress and Grades
All students K-3 will come to the computer lab and be instructed by the computer instructor and/or core teacher. All students 4-6 will come to the computer lab daily for one semester and will be graded by the computer instructor. Skills rather than grades will be the main focus.  Students will be encouraged to do the best they can.  

Test results and major assignments corrected by the teacher or students will be returned to the student the same day as the test.  If not the same day, then no later than three school days after the test has been taken.  
Most keyboarding assignments will be graded immediately following the student completing the work.

Grades (letter, 4-6) will be given at the regular report card intervals. These grades will be determined by adding all the assignments, quizzes and tests together and dividing by the total points possible.  The following Rocky Mountain Elementary grading scale will be used:

94-100 A 75-79 B-
90-93 A- 70-74 C+
85-89 B+ 65-69 C
80-84 B 60-64 C-
0-59 N

Progress Reports will be available at least between each grading period according to the new Power School grading program.  Parents can access his/her students grades using the internet daily.   A request is made for email addresses from parents that have one at home or work, to keep parents better informed as to what is happening in the computer lab.  Parents can also find out what is happening in the computer classes by accessing the internet and Students needing additional time to complete assignments may make arrangements with the teacher for time before and after the student’s school time.

Teacher Expectations
I expect the students to put forth a positive effort to be successful in class.  Good citizenship and responsible behavior will also be expected.  

Students need to be in the right place, at the right time and doing the right thing.

The Rocky Mountain School Discipline plan will be followed.  The computer lab guidelines are as follows:

1. Follow Directions first time given/respond appropriately to a polite request.
2.  Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.
3.  No name calling, put downs or teasing.
4.  Keep a low noise level.
5.  Keep computer lab clean.

To encourage students to follow the  rules, I will recognize appropriate behavior with praise, positive notes and phone calls home and extra time in the lab of choice.

Students who choose not to follow the lab guidelines and behave inappropriately will follow the lab hierarchy as follows:

1.  Warning
2.  Time out - 10 minutes
3.  Time out - 15 minutes and behavior journal
4.  Removed to buddy room and call parents
5.  Send to the Principal
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