Huskies are Great

Siberian Huskies are one of the most interesting dog breeds. The dog pictured here is my dog, Targa. Dear girl, RIP 2009. She was a black and white girl with crystal blue eyes. Although she used to bark more than the last two Huskies that my husband and I have owned, she preferred to "talk," making a sound that is "woo woo." I have heard Huskies called the greatest athletes in the world of dogs because of their speed and ability to run for a long time, particularly pulling dog sleds. Targa was a larger Siberian female because she weighs 53 pounds. A male could weigh 10 or 15 pounds more. By nature Huskies are sweet-tempered dogs and not the fierce beasts portrayed in movies. The University of Washington mascot, Dubs, is actually an Alaskan Malemute, which are normally larger dogs that would not pull a racing sled.

Now that you have seen Targa's picture, check out the links below to find out more about her breed of dog. Then do the fun activities to see what you have learned! Have fun!

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