hutton Mr. Hutton
Adam Robertson  
Welcome Back and Hapy New Year.

We are going to continue with your Science Presentations on Space.  You should find out when you are presenting and make sure that you are prepared. Everyone on should write down on a large sheet of paper five to ten fact that you think are important for people to know about your subject.  Get the paper from me.  This includes all students even the ones that have already done their presentations.

JUNIOR GREAT BOOKS: Sumchi discussion on Thursday Jan. 10, 2002

SKATING: Look in your agenda to see when we are going skating and make sure you com prepared

LANGAUAGE ARTS WRITING PROJECT:  We are about to start a writing project that will go  on for a number of months.  I will introduce it over the next few weeks.  for now all you have to make sure you have is the writing folder that you bought at the beginning of the year and a few pens and pencils.

THEME FOR THE TERM:  "If something is worth doing it is worth your very best effort"

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