hydespanish Señora Lynn
Warren E. Hyde Middle School Spanish IA & IB teacher
¡Bienvenido padres!  Welcome parents!

Spanish IA is our beginning Spanish class at Hyde.  Students master basic vocabulary, conjugate verbs in the present tense, and hold simple conversations.

Spanish IB is the second year continuation of Spanish IA.  After a brief review, students increase their vocabulary, learn past tense, and create oral and written projects demonstrating their growing proficiency.

Students who successfully complete Spanish IB may enter Spanish II in high school.

IA & IB students receive 20-30 minutes of homework nightly.

¡Bienvenido estudiantes!  Welcome students!

AVISO                     WARNING

You are required to act silly, play games, give and receive outrageous commands, sing songs, color pictures, talk to classmates, and have fun!  

Nightly homework includes telling your little brother or sister or your friends to do ridiculous things!

During quizzes, you may smirk & giggle!  (Shh, don't tell!)

Hasta pronto,
Señora Lynn
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