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Hempfield High School World Cultures
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My name is Mr. Hynes and this is my 11th grade world cultures class page. The page is for both students and parents: A quick and easy place to go to check weekly lesson topics and assignments.
The course will include an introduction to the components of culture and geography, comparative studies of various regions of the world, and current events.

Students will be expected to complete a variety of assignments during the year, including research projects. While homework will not be given every night, it will be an important part of the course and of student grades.

This week:
Day 1 Course introduction and paperwork
Day 2 What is culture ?
Day 3 Cultural universals
Day 4 Culture collage

Culture college due day 1 next week

Next week:
Exploration of Hempfield Culture

General Information:

I. Course expectations:

A. Philosophical statement ... why it matters
B. Class rules
C. Grading policy
D. Make up work policy

II.Course Overview
    Social studies: history, geography, sociology, anthropology, economics, etc.
    Culture: What is it ?
    Ethnocentrism :A need to be aware.
    Non-western : Where is that?
    A global society
III. Course outline

A.Units of study
    1. Introduction to culture
    2. India
    3. China
    4. Japan
    5. Middle East
    6. Russia

B.General m.o.
    1. Assessment of prior knowledge/ American perspective
    2. Geography
    3. Early history
    4. Traditional culture
         a. religion
         b. art
    5. European influence / colonial era
    6. 20th Century
    7. Contemporary culture
My Quia activities and quizzes
Matching Terms
Quiz : the origin and development of culture
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