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IRI I3 Facilitators Activity Training Guide
Welcome to the I3 Facilitator Training

The Sort Process is a core element of the I3 Process. In many respects, it is the core of the entire I3 diagnostic. The purpose of the Sort Process is to categorize the hundreds, and often thousands of comments generated by participants (DIG's) into a manageable number of categories that can be analyzed.

Five learning activities have been created to assist in achieving Module 3’s Learning Objectives.  The following activities are arranged to build upon one another.

Activity Instructions:  To complete the following activities, simply click on the link located at the bottom of this page.

Quiz Instructions:    After completing the corresponding activity, the instructor will provide the associated quiz password. After completing an activity, you must complete the associated quiz to move to the next activity.

Activity 1

Memorizing Issue Names:
Recall all 14 Standard Issue names that are used in the I3 Process.

Activity 2

Memorizing Issue names with Definitions:
Given the Issue, recall the correct definition with 100% accuracy.

Activity 3

Distinguishing Between People and Task:
Given the Issue, recall the correct dimension (People Vs. Task) with 100% accuracy.

Activity 4

Recognizing Comments and Select the Issue:
Given a comment, select the issue achieving at least 97% accuracy and 100 answers within 5 minutes.

Activity 5

Distinguishing Driving From Restraining:
Given the comment, identify the force by 95% accuracy level and (40 tries in 2 minutes).
My Quia activities and quizzes
Issue Name Identification
Learn all 14 Issue Names
Recalling Issue Names and Definitions
Learn all 14 Issue Names and their Definitions
Selecting Correct Dimension
Specify the Demension of all 14 Issues
Matching Comment with Proper Issue Name
Specify the Issue Given the Comment
Distinguishing Driving Vs Restraining Force Comments
Specify the Force and Issue Name given the Comment
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