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Adult High School at Seminole Community College Computer Instructor

Wednesday 6/06/01

Good morning, we have 6 class periods left.

If you have taken Test 1 and do not know your grade, please see your teacher.

If you have not taken Test 2, read the instructions for Wednesday 5/30/01 below the row of stars.

Monday 6/04/01

Good morning, we have 7 class periods left.

If you have taken Test 1 and do not know your grade, please see your teacher.

If you have not taken Test 2, read the instructions for Wednesday 5/30/01 below the row of stars.

Friday, 6/01/01

Hello students, we have 8 class periods left.

If you have taken Test 1 and do not know your grade, please see your teacher.

If you have not taken Test 2, read the instructions for Wednesday 5/30/01 below the row of stars.

Wednesday 5/30/01

Hope you had a good Memorial Day Weekend.

We have 9 class periods left in Intro to Computers class.

To prepare for the Test 2, you should complete the following:

o  MS-Dos lessons 1, 2, and 3 located at K:\Intro Class\Lessons\Dos

o Files & Folders lessons 0, 1, 2, 3 found at
K:\Intro Class\Lessons\Files & Folders

o Practice Test 2 found at K:\IC Practice Test\Practice Test 2.ppt

Do not begin Practice Test 2 without telling your teacher.  There are special explanations you will need.

Friday 5/25/01


When you have completed Practice Test 1, and it has been checked by me, you are ready to take Test 1. 

o Rule for Practice Test 1: you can get all the help you want from your notes, lessons, fellow students, from me.

o Rule for Test 1: you may NOT get help from anyone or any notes. You can always ask me questions.  I'll tell you if I will answer them.

When you have completed Test 1:

o Go to K:\Intro Class\Lessons\Dos
o Complete the three PowerPoint Lessons on Dos.
o Use the disks found in the disk box on the file cabinet
o The disks are labelled for each lesson.
o IMPORTANT: Make sure the disks are write-protected. And replace each disk when you finish.  Others need to use them.

When you have completed the Dos Lessons:
o Go to K:\Intro Class\Lessons\Files & Folders
o Complete the four lessons on Files & Folders
o Once again, special disks are in the same box on the file cabinet.
o Replace the disks when finished.
Wednesday 5/23/01

Good Morning my excellent students.


For today's lesson, you will concentrate on completing Practice Test 1.

Things you need to know about Practice Test 1:

o There is a lesson you will need to complete before you can finish Practice Test 1 (oops!).

o This is lesson located at K:\Intro Class\Lessons\Create 3 files

o There are two basic components in Practice Test 1:
  -The written part you can do at home
  -The demonstration part on Windows, which you must do in front of your teacher. (You can practice with a friend, or ask to watch someone else be tested on Windows)

o When you are ready to do the Windows demonstration part, you must have all the applications open listed in Part 9. I do not need to watch you open these applications.

o When you have completed Practice Test 1, tell Ms. McKenna, and then so that she can check the written parts for you before you take Test 1.
Monday 5/21/01

We're almost ready for the first test.  Only two more assignments: 1) Learning the binary code and
2) the computer purchase activity

There will be a lecture on computer terms and a demonstration on using the binary code.  Then you will complete the following assignment.

o Go to K:\Intro Class\Computer Purchase Activity
o Use the links on this page to complete this activity

o Ask for Practice Test 1
o You must complete Practice Test 1 to be able to take Test 1.
Friday 5/18/01

Yea! It's almost the weekend! 

Today you will complete a lesson on Computer Terms.

Part One:
o Open K:\Intro Class\Lessons\Computer Terms
o You may read this lesson on the monitor or print it.
o IMPORTANT: On the Review section at the end, write the answers in the blank do not use the letters.  (I will not give you credit if you do not write the words.)
o Copy ONLY the review section to the clipboard and paste it into an email to me (mckenname@hotmail.com)

Part Two:
o Ask for a copy of the Introduction to Computers Booklet (slick book)
o Use the Computer Terms lesson and find a picture for each term in the (slick book). 
o Write the page and paragraph number beside each term on a sheet of paper.
o There is a prize, awarded Monday, for the person with the most pictures from each class.

Wednesday 5/16/01

Good Morning!

If you have not completed the assignments from Monday, please complete those.  Scroll down to see Monday's class page.

Today you will make two timelines for the history of computers.  These two timelines will be placed on the same page.

To complete this assignment:
o Ask for a double piece of computer paper
o Move your keyboard on top of system unit so you have room to make your timeline.
o Have a pencil as you will need to erase
o Access K:\Intro Class\Lessons\ComputerTimeline1.ppt
o View lesson and follow instructions.
o When first timeline is completed, proceed to
  K:\Intro Class\Lessons\Computer Timeline2.ppt
o Complete this timeline below the first
o Turn in to your teacher with your name and period number

Yea! This completes the history portion of the class.
Monday 5/14/01

Hope you had an enjoyable weekend.

If you have not completed your life timeline, please do so then proceed to today's assignment.

You will complete the following PowerPoint lessons.

K:\Intro Class\Lessons\Manual.ppt
K:\Intro Class\Lessons\MechanicalA.ppt
K:\Intro Class\Lessons\MechanicalB.ppt
K:\Intro Class\Lessons\Electronic.ppt

At the end of each PowerPoint lesson there will be a short assignment. 
o Write this assignment in Word.
o Save this assignment to your disk using the name of the powerpoint lesson as the filename.
o Select the assignment using Ctrl-A.
o Copy the assignment to the clipboard with Ctrl-C.
o Access the internet and your hotmail account.
o Compose an email to your teacher (mckenname@hotmail.com)
o Write the name of the assignment in the subject line. If you do not do this, I will not award credit.
o In the message section of the email, paste the assignment using Ctrl-V.
o Before you press Send, select "Save Outgoing Message."
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