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¡Bienvenidos a la página de Recursos del curso de Español 1015!

Welcome to the Resources page for SPAN 1015!

1. Greetings and Expressions of Courtesy.

2. How to Type Accents and Special Characters in Spanish
Mac users, see this site:
How to Type Accents and Special Characters using a Mac.

3. Increase your vocabulary instantly and receive Spanish Lessons FREE.
Get a 1000 word Spanish vocabulary - almost instantly - and learn how to use 3145 Spanish words in no time. Click on this link to sign up for Free Spanish Lessons.
Downloading the video may take a little time, so be patient.

4. Words to describe physical appearance

5. Fifty (50) adjectives to describe personality

6. Use the link below to study the countries of Spanish America and the corresponding nationalities. NOTE: you need to have internet connection to open this link.
Link: Países y nacionalidades.

7. Guidelines for Writing Accents
Accents to Differentiate Words

Here are some review materials for greetings, numbers, nationalities, SER, etc. Review Saludos etc.

9. Try these sites to learn, review and practise your numbers:
Numbers up to billion+
Practise numbers up to billion

10. Spanish Alphabet and Numbers to 100

11 Datos Personales

12. Here is the PDF version of the Power Point used in class for the Unit on Saludos, despedidas etc.
Saludos, despedidas, y más.

13. Here is a list of some regular -ar verbs.
Regular -ar Verbs

14. Here is a list of useful high-requency verbs.
Some useful high-frequency verbs.

15. Here is a blank verb conjugation grid that you can use to practise conjugating verbs in the various tenses.
Verb Conjugation Blank Grid.

16. On hundred and one verbs in the present tense that you should know.
Presente de ciento un verbos

17. Here is a list of regular -er and -ir verbs
Regular -er and -ir Verbs

18. Present Tense of Regular -ar Verbs

19. The following is a link to the McGraw-Hill Online Learning Center (OLC). This site contains a lot of activities and pracice quizzes etc. that you can use to increase your proficiency in the language. Take some time to explore this site.
Puntos 8 Online Learning Center - McGraw-Hill

From the drop-down menu (The white box that says "Choose one"), select "Capítulo preliminar". Here you will find five vocabulary quizzes(V): V1 - Greetings, V2 - The verb SER, V3 - Numbers up to 30, V4 - The verb gustar, V5 - Telling time.

Under Capítulo 1, you have 3 vocabulary quizzes (V) and 4 grammar quizzes (G): V1 - La clase (Items), V2 - La clase (School subjects), V3 - Palabras interrogativas; G1 - Gender of articles (Singular), G2 - Gender of articles (Plural), G3 - Present tense of -ar verbs, G4 - Making "Yes - No" questions.

Under Capítulo 2, there are 3 vocabulary quizzes (V) and 4 grammar quizzes (G); V1 - La familia, V2 - Numbers up to a hundred, V3 - Adjectives; G5 - Adjectives (Gender, number and position), G6 - Present of SER (Uses), G7 - Possessive Adjectives, G8 - Present tense of -er and -ir verbs.

There are many other activities, some of them interactive, with video and audio, that you can use to practice. Try the Activity Pack! It's all free!

Note: When you do any of these activities, DO NOT email the results to your instructor. They are only intended for additional practice.

20. Here is the PDF file of the Power Point used in class for Unidad 2 - Quiero aprender español:
Unidad 2 - Quiero aprender español

21. Open this file to see a list of the most common interrogative words and expressions in Spanish. Do you know them? You will need them for the final oral interview.
Palabras interrogativas.

22. The file below contains a review guide for your preparation for the Final Oral Interview.
Review Points
Remember also that in the "Página oral" section of the class page you can listen to recordings of sample interviews.

23. Here is the link to the PDF file of the Power Point used in class for Unidad 3 - ¿Dónde está Santiago?
¿Dónde está Santiago?

24. Below is the passage that you wrote in class for the Dictado.
Sara y Felipe

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