icmsjohnson Senorita. Johnson
Ichabod Crane Middle School 7th/ 8th grade Spanish Teacher
Hola Los estudiantes y los padres,

Glad you made it to the page here I have set up for you. You can always come here if you have forgotten what homework assignment you have, and if you have missed class.I will be updating this page when we have assignments, tests/quizzes, and announcements for tests, projects, and trips etc. I will also have a brief overview of lessons, and extra activities for you. There also maybe be extra credits, and test, and quiz hints here. Enjoy.. technology is wonderful.

                      Sra. Johnson

Page Infomation:
Last Update: 12/3/00
Homework info on the bottom of the page
Quiz info- on the bottom of the page
Special Messages- Midterm for 8th grade? http://www.quia.com :is the main page

*Spanish Games are located on the main page under Spanish*  (Just click the ling for Spanish)

What we have Learned:
Unit 1-Introductions ,Greetings, El Alfabeto Page 6,7, Numeros, days of the week, months.
Unit 2- Tener, definite article/indefinite A, family vocab, ser, gustar/vocab, vivir.
Unit 3, Weather, ir, places to go. Clothing terms
Unit 4- Classroom objects, time.


Test of the Week 12/4- 7th Grade
Know all vocab like madre, padre, hermana, hermano, tio, tia, prima, primo, hermanastra, madrastra, gato, perro, padrastro, media hermano/a

Be able to tell me your age in Spanish- Tengo 12 anos
Cuantos anos tienes?- How old are you?

Be able to tell me when your birthday is?
Cuando es su cumpleanos? -When is your birthday

The use of "Hay" there is/are Hay dos gatos en mi familia.
There are 2 cats in my family.

Know all gustar terms, and to tell me what you like ,and don't like. The use of the plural with Gustar, and le gusta-she, he likes. Be able to write in sentences, and tranlate.

Know all colors for test

Know conjugation definitions-

Be ready for anything from the past.

Good luck.. e-mail me with any questions.

Homework Section ( la tarea)
8th Grade only (all periods):
Keep up with your homework, come see me if you are missing work. Any homework assignment may be a quiz grade

Hw for the week of 12/4
Monday- De practice sheet- bring text for Tuesday
HW for the week of 11-27-00
Monday-classroom vocab 5x each
Tuesday- 10 sentences with classroom vocab
Wednesday- Classroom object packet
Thursday- Study for Classroom object quiz
Friday review sheet packet (3) due Monday (per 9 excluded)
Period 9, ir sheet for review

7th Grade-
Homework for the week of 12/4
De Donde Eres sheet- Due 12/4/5
Last week: colors vocab 5x each last weeks HW
Study for colors quiz-

Any questions: please e-mail me
only appropiate e-mails should be considered

Buena suerte ( good luck)

**(So you always know in case you lose your introductory sheet)**


Spanish Introductory Guideline Sheet
To:     Students in Spanish 1
From: Ms. Johnson
Date:  September  5, 2000

Bienvenidos a la clase de español. I first want to congratulate you on making an excellent choice on taking Spanish this year. I look forward to working with you as you learn to read and converse in Spanish, decode Spanish words, build up a foundation in grammar, and study the fascinating history and culture of Mexico.  As you know, this is a forty-minute class, which meets every other day for 7th grade, everyday for 8th, maybe subject to change. However, you will be very active as you work in partnerships and groups, and the time will pass quickly and profitably. I want this to be fun and enjoyable year learning Spanish as it may be all new material to you.

Some introductory guidelines are:
1.  homework is important. Homework is not always written, can be to study vocab by saying, reading, writting or reading pages in the text. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to find out the
                 homework as well as the classwork for the day you have missed.  Having a homework
                 buddy, as most middle school and high school  students do, is an excellent idea.
2.  attendance is crucial, as each class period is forty minutes of time
                Additionally, your participation grade is also based on attendance.
3.  tests and quizzes missed during an absence due to illness must be made up promptly.
4.  projects must be submitted on the due date; if they are not, you will lose ten credits
                 per day.

Grading is considered a positive tool to indicate achievement and development in Spanish 1.

Your grade for each quarter of this course will be computed as follows:
25% unit tests
25% homework
25% quizzes
25% participation/oral/projects/journal/notebook
For homework checks:check + = 100, Check =80, check - =65, check x, 50 or you can get a 0 if nothing was none.
*This grading system may be subject to change. If you are doing it in class when I check it, forget it, it will be a 0.

No introductory sheet would be complete without a list of expectations.  Mine are that:
you are courteous to everyone in the class
you arrive promptly, if you are late please have a pass
you are prepared with book, notebook, pen, homework
you participate fully in individual and group work
you will prepare all assignments in a neat and orderly way

I am available to help you on any late bus day, and during my free periods.  Please ask for help or makeup time when you need it.  Again, I look forward to meeting you and working with you this semester.  Have a happy and productive year!

Class rules:
No Talking while others are talking
No asking out of context words
Lying, Cheating
Distruptive Behavior- (many examples), outbursts, taking other peoples property, getting up during class, moving classroom objects, etc
Inappropiate Language- Ex- Enthic slurs, 4 letter words
Hazardous Horseplay
no walkmans
be on time
abuse of hallpass- bathroom/ drink
My Quia activities and quizzes
Hangman Game
Hangman using terms we have learned in the beginning
Word Hunt
Word hunt using terms we learned in class
Mattching game using numbers
Useful links
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