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Ni hao and ni hao ma!!

This is the our World Language page for the Chinese segment of the course!!  Be sure to check out all of the activities that are listed below.  All of them will help to reinforce the lessons that we had in class.  This site is LOADED with fun facts about China, its geography and the Chinese people.  I think that you will find this site to be quite interesting!!

Have fun!!

Mr. Griffin

By the way here are some of those fun facts that I mentioned before:

Did you know...

...that China has the largest population in the world?!?!

...that Chinese is one of the oldest languages on Earth?!?!

...that the characters(pictographs) of the Chinese writing system are derived from REAL objects and animals in nature?!?!

...that each word in Chinese only has one syllable(but you can say it FOUR different ways)?!?!
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