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Guten Tag! This is the introduction that we learned in class: Student A:  Guten Tag.            Ich heiße Karin Student B:  Guten Tag, Karin. Student A:  Und du?            Wie heißt du? Student B:  Ich heiße Hans. Student A:  Freut mich, Hans. Student B:  Freut mich auch, Karin. Student A:  Auf wiedersehen, Hans. Student B:  Auf wiedersehen, Karin. Remember to substitute your name wherever you see the underline.  Don't forget to teach it to someone you know! Also, check out the activities that are listed below, they will help reinforce what we studied in class and don't forget that THEY ARE FUN TO DO!!! Auf wiedersehen, Herr Griffin Du Du Liegst mir im herzen
My Quia activities and quizzes
German Parts of the Body
German Parts of the Body Activities
German Supermarket
German Supermarket Activities
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