ilovela Mrs. Youngblood
Dowell Middle School 8th Grade Language Arts
This week will be spent as follow-up on our reading of "The Diary of Anne Frank".  Each day will begin with a TAAS Warm-up and DOL

Monday- TAAS Warm-up (Main Idea)/ DOL; Read "My Jewish Name is Leib"; write response; read.
HW:  Finish response and drawing

Tuesday- Computer Lab- Research "Children of the Holocaust"; Research child and write biography; read.
HW:  Finish writing bio

Wednesday- Balloon Head Activity demonstrating Anne as a dynamic character.

Thursday- Review TAAS Strategies, 3rd Nine Weeks District Assessment.
No HW, Parent Night

Friday- Early Release Day- Catch up with and set AR goals.

Hope to see you at Parent Night on Thursday!  Your child's work will be displayed at the north end of the main upstairs hall (in front of the big window).
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