Douglas S. Freeman High School Spanish Teacher

This is where you can find your class work and homework assignments for Sra. Rivera's Spanish class.

Spanish 2

Semestre 2

1/26 - Teacher Work Day/Snow Day

1/27 - Snow Day

1/28 - Snow Day

1/2 9 - Snow Day

1/30 - Midterm Exams distributed and checked.  U1L2 vocabulary.

HW = Workbook pg. 71 and Text pg. 105, act. 1.  Also, vocabulary list, if not already completed.

2/2 - Reviewed vocabulary, text pgs. 102-105.  Completed verbs of obligation p ractice sheet.

HW = Workbook pg. 73

2/3 - Pre-quiz #1.  Listening Comprehension, Act. 1.  Reviewed verbs of obligations with infinitives worksheet.  Reviewed pg. 107 in pairs and with the class.  Reading comprehension assignment, pg. 109 (comprehensio n questions on handout).

HW = Text pgs. 111-112, ej. 1&2.  Also, finish reading comprehension if not done so in class.

2/4 - Pre-quiz #2.  Listening Comprehension Act. 2.  Reviewed reading comprehension, text pg. 109.  Reviewed complementos directos (direct object pronouns), text pg. 111.  Checked homework and signed SR00.

HW = Workbook, pg. 75.  Study for U1L2 Vocabualry quiz.

2/5 - U1L2, Vocabulary Quiz.  Continue review of D.O. pronouns.

HW = Text pgs. 113, 114, exs. 3 and 5

2/6 - Pre Quiz #3.  Review of Direct object pronouns continued.  Listening Comprehension for grade.

HW = Grammar practice worksheet, handout.  Study for U1L2 lesson quiz.

2/9 - Students took U1L2, lesson quiz today.  Completed U2L3, vocabualry list.

HW = Workbook pg. 77

2/10 - U1L3, Vocabulary review, text pgs. 116-119.  Ex.1, pg. 119 practice.

HW = Text pg. 120, ex. 3.  Write a question and answer for each person in the chart.  Follow the model.

2/11 - Pre-quiz #4.  Reviewed ir a + infinitive (expressing the near fut ure).

HW = Workbook pg. 78.  Study for Vocabulary quiz, U1L3

2/12 - U1L3 vocabulary quiz taken by all classes today.  2nd and 5th periods reviewed ir a + infinitive and Hace + time expressions + que + present tense.  7th period class was only 20 mininu tes, therefore, was not able to review grammar.

HW = Workbook pg. 79.

2/13 - Revew of Grammar, U1L3.  Reading Comprehension, text pg. 122.

HW = Workbook pgs. 80-81ee

2/17 - U1L3 review.  U1L3, Listening comprehension #1 and 2.

HW = Study for U1L3, lesson quiz and complete U1 test review given out in class.

2/18 - All classes took U1L3, lesson quiz.  Review all vocabulary on quia for Unit1 test, U1L1, L2, L3.  Complete test review for U1 test.

HW = Review all material in U1L1, L2, L3 for Unit test.  Finish Unit 1 test review.

2/19 - Checked and reviewed Unit 1 test review.

HW = Worksheet, handout.  Study for Unit test on Monday Feb. 23.

2/20 - Reviewed workbook, pgs. 80-81 read out loud in class and answered comprehension questions.  Students wo rked in groups to complete writing assigmment in workbook, pgs. 87-88 based om readimg in the textbook, pgs. 131-135.  Each group turned in a assignment.

HW = Study for U1 test.

2/23 - All classes, U1 test.  Vocabulary list for U2L1.

HW = Finish Vocab ulary list for U2L1.  Workbook, pgs. 89-90 all excercises.

2/24 - All classes calculated point sheets for the interim grade.  Reviewed U2L1 vocabulary, las diversiones, pg. 138,139,140.

HW - Text, pg. 141, act. 1

2/25 - Reviewed vocabulary, text pgs. 1 38 - 142.  Discussed diversiones en Richmond with class.

HW = Text pg. 141, act. 2.  (reviewed assignment in class)

2/26 - Reviewed the present progressive.  To express an action that is taking place as you speak.  To form the present progressive:  Es tar + Gerund(present participle).  Reviewed spelling changes and location of pronouns and the present progressive.

HW = Workbook pg. 92

2/27 - Pre-quiz #5.  Lisening activities 1 and 2.  One listening activity is graded.  Reviewed the verb venir, pg. 1 46 in the text.  Practice the present progressive.  7th period, write 10 sentences using the progressive.

HW = Workbook pg. 91

3/1 - Teacher absent.  All students should complete present progressive practice worksheets.  Turn in.  Write out answers on y our own sheet of paper.  Note:  I will give a quiz tomorrow on the present progressive.

HW = Study for a quiz on the present progressive.

3/2 - Reviewed Present Progressive worksheet.  Answers posted on overhead and discussed.  Students then took Pres ent Progressive quiz.  Quiz reviewed in class.  Reading Comprehensio, text pg. 143.

HW = Study for U2L1, Lesson Quiz tomorrow.

3/3 - All students took U2L2, lesson quiz.  Vocabulary list for U2L2.

HW = Workbook pgs. 93 and 94.

3/4 - In celebration of Spanish language day and foreign language week, all classes watched La Bella y la bestia, a disney movie in Spanish.  A comprehension worksheet must be completed during viewing of the movie and turned in.  The 3 students with the most correct answers wil l receive a prize.

3/5 - U2L2 Vocabulary review.  Viewed BRAVO video to review vocabualry and completed vocabulary worksheets.  Students also reviewed vocabulary on Quia.

HW = Text pg. 155

3/8 - Pre-auiz #6.  Reviewed vocabulary, pgs. 154.  Lisenting activity U2L2, act. 1.  Vocabulary practice with partner.

HW = Text pg. 157.

3/9 - All classes took vocabulary quiz.  Reading comprehension, pg. 159, who is Juan Myer.  Write 3 facts about Juan Myer.

HW = Text pg. 158 write a story for the sequence of pictures on the page.

3/10 - U2L2, Listenting activity #3.  Reviewed the verb conocer.  Practice handout.

HW = Workbook pg. 95.

3/11 - Pre-quiz #7.  Listening comprehension for a grade, U2L2, act. 4.  Reviewed conocer.  Reviewed homework.  7th reviewed the verb ver.

HW = Practice worksheet, handout act. 2, the verb ver.

3/12 - All studets completed Saber/Conocer worksheet.  Reading comprehension assignment, completed in class and turned in.

HW = Finish reading assignment.

3/15 -  Grammar review, th e verb ver and superlatives, pgs. 164 and 165 in the text.  Practiced superlatives(-est), the most or least and absolute superlatives (very), -ísimo.

HW = Workbook pgs. 96 and 97

3/16 - Reviewed superlatives.  Text pgs. 165-166.  Practice on board and overhead.

HW = Workbook pg. 98

3/17 - Due to SOL testing 2nd p. did not meet.  5th and 7th periods reviewe for U2L2, Lesson Quiz tomorrow.

HW = Study for Lesson Quiz.

3/18 - 2nd p. reveiwed for U2L2 lesson quiz.  5th and 7th took U2L2 lesson quiz.  St art U2L3 vocabulary quiz.

HW = Finish U2L3 vocabulary.

3/19 - 2nd p. took U2L2, lesson quiz.  5th and 7th, homework check, practice vocabulary on quia, read pg. 170 in text and complete vocabulary excercises on pg. 171.

HW = Workbook, pg. 100

3/20 - U 2L3 vocabulary practice amd review.  Reviewed, Text pgs. 170 and 171.

HW = Text pg. 172, ex. 3.  Complete answer.

3/23 - Reviewed vocabulary, text pgs. 172,173,174.  Vocabulary partner activity.

HW = Text pgs. 176-177, 1-5.  2nd p. text pg. 172.

3/2 4 - Reviewed commands, text pg. 178.  Practiced commands.

HW = 2nd p. text pgs. 176-177.

3/25 - Calculated point sheets for MP3 grade.

HW = Vocabulary quiz on Monday, March 29, 2004.

3/26 - Student Holiday

3/29 - All classes took U2L3 vocabulary qui z.  All sudents registered as users in  Practiced using conjugation web site.

HW = Signed point sheet.  Workbook pgs. 101, 102, ej. 1

3/30 -  Pre-quiz #10.  Commands handout, practice.  Reviewed irregular commands and reflexive command s.  Reviewed direct object pronouns and personal a, notes provided.

HW = Study for commands quiz.  Workbook pgs. 102,103

3/31 - All classes took U2L3, Commands quiz.  Reviewed direct obj. pronouns, text pg. 181.  U2L3 Listening activities, #1 and #2.

HW = Grammar practice handout, a personal.

4/1 - Review for U2L3, Lesson Quiz.  Listening Activity U2L3, act.4

HW = Study for U2L3 Lesson Quiz.

4/2 - All classes took U2L3, lesson quiz.  Reading comprehension, workbook, pg. 104.

HW = Study for U2 Test.

¡Feliz Semana de Descanso! 

4/12 - Reviewed for U2 test tomorrow.  Practice excercises in virtual share folder, see U2 Test Practice.

HW = Study for U2 Test.

4/13 - All classes took U2 Test.  Start vocabulary list for U3L1.

HW = Workbook pg.s 109-110, ex. 1 only

HW = Finish vocabulary list for U3L1 and Workbook pgs. 109-110, act. #1 only.

4/14 - Teacher absent.  Practice vocabulary on Quia for 5 minutes.  Read pg. 190 in text.  Complete textbook excercises, #1,2, and 3, pgs. 191-193.  Turn in al l activities.

4/15 - Reviewed vocabulary, pgs. 188-193 in the text.  Reviewed excercises #1,2 and 3 completed yesterday in text pgs. 191-193.

4/16 - Pre-quiz #11.   Reading comp. pgs. 195-196 in text.
HW = Workbook pgs. 110-111

4/19 - Reviewed voca bulary.  Reviewerd nationalities, pgs.200-202.  Vocabulary quiz tomorrow.
HW = Workbook pgs.114-115

4/20 - All classes took U3L1 vocabulary quiz.  Reviewed reading assignment, text pgs. 195-196.  Introduced the verbs dar and decir with indirect obj. pro n ouns, text pg. 197.  Reviewed indi rect obj. pronoun s, text pg. 198.

HW = Workbook pg. 112

4/21 - Pre-quiz #12.  Listenting activity.  Review indirect obj. pronouns.  Notes in virtual share.  My folder is ilebron.

HW = Workbook pg. 113

4/22 - Revi ewe d indirect obj. pronouns.  Completed and reviewed practice excersies in workbook.

HW = Text p. 199, ex. 1.  Indirect obj. pronouns quiz tomorrow.

4/23 -  All classes took U3L1 indirect obj. pronoun quiz.  Reviewed answers to the quiz on the overhea d projector.  U3L1 lesson quiz on Monday.

HW = Study for U3L1 lesson quiz.  Remember notes are on virtual share, you should have downloaded the notes by now.

4/26 - All classes took U3L1 lesson quiz.  Start U3L2 vocab. list and finish for HW.

HW = Wor k b o ok pgs. 117 and 118, act.1

4/27 - Reviewed vocabulaary, U3L2.  Started Project:  El carro de mis sueños.

HW = Copy and paste picture of your "Carro" and write a short paragraph describing the car of your dreams (in spanish!), see pg. 211 in text f or examples.

4/28 - El Carro de mis sueños project corrected with a partner and turned in.  Reviewed pg. 208 in text.

HW = Text pg. 209

4/29 - Pre-quiz #13.  Reviewed all vocabulary exercises in workbook.  Reviewed verb pedir, pg. 212 in text.

Hw = S tudy for U3L2 vocabulary quiz.  Workbook pg. 120

4/30 - Vocabulary quiz. Reviewed stem changing verbs e to i, like the verb pedir.

HW = Text pg. 214, ex. 2., except 2nd p.

5/3 - Pre-quiz #13.  Practiced stem-change verbs pedir, servir and repetir on  Reviewed negative commands, pg. 214 in text.

HW = Workbook pg. 121.

5/4 - Due to SOL testing 7th period did not meet today.  2nd and 5th periods, oral presentations of "El carro de mis sueños".

5/5 - Due to SOL testing 2nd and 5th pe riods did not meet.  7th p. met for 24 minutes.  7th period practiced negative commands on and submitted score.

5/6 - SOL testing continues.

5/7 - Last day of SOL testing. All classes completed point sheets for interim grade and reviewe d Negative commands.

HW = Study for Negative commands quiz on Monday 5/10

5/10 - All classes took Negative commands quiz.  Worked in groups for review of U3L2 lesson quiz.

HW = Study for U3L2 Lesson quiz.

5/11 - All classes took U3L2 lesson quiz.  St arted U3L3 vocabulary in class.

HW = Workbook pgs. 123-125.

5/12 - Reviewed U3L3 vocabualry, pgs. 218-221.

HW = Text pg. 223, act. 3.  Write out questions and answers.

5/13 - Introduced the past tense, the preterite of -ar verbs.

HW = Workbook 126 and 127.

5/14 - U3L3, Vocabulary quiz.  Finish text pg. 224 assignment and turn in.  Read pgs. 226, 227 and 228 in the text.  Answer questions 1-8 and turn in.  Practice perterite -ar verbs in

5/17 - Preterite practice worksheet, act. 2.  Text pg. 230, ex. 1 turn in all work.

5/18 - Pre-quiz #15.  Listening activity.  Reviewed irregular preterite verbs, ser, ir and hacer.

HW = workbook pg. 128.

5/19 - Pre-quiz #16.  Reviewed preterite -ar verbs.  Reviewed reading comprehension on pgs. 226-228 in the text.  Reviewed and corrected ej. 1, pg 230 in text.  Reviewed and corrected U3L3 Preterite worksheet, act. 2 (handout).

HW - Text pg. 232, ex. 3

5/20 - Listening activity.  Preterite conjugation chart, handout completed and turned in fo r a grade.

HW = Preterite -ar verbs and irregular, ir, ser, hacer quiz tomorrow.

5/21 - All classes took the U3L3, preterite quiz.  Students had ample time in class to download (drag to desktop) the following:  1. U3 test review, 2.  Exam review, 3.  P reterite notes to help study for U3L3 lesson quiz (will be checked for HW grade), 4.  Answers to Preterite worksheet.

HW = Study for U3L3, lesson quiz on Monday, May 24.  Turn in corrected Preterite worksheet and show completed preterite notes.  NOTE:  U3 test will be taken on Wednesday, May 26.  Test review on virtual share.

5/24 - All classes took U3L3, lesson quiz.  Vocabulary for U4L1.  Collected preterite worksheet.

HW = Finish vocabulary and Workbook pg. 135.

5/25 - U4L1 Vocabualry review, Text pgs. 238-239.  Partner practice. Homework check.

HW = U3 test tomorrow.

5/26 - All classes took U3 test.

HW = Text pg. 241, all excercises and answer all questions.

5/27 - Due to junior assembly, 2nd period was poorly attended.  Students in attendance reviewed vocabulary on Quia.  5th and 6th periods, reviewed vocabulary on Quia for 5 minutes.  Reviewed pg. 248.  Reviewed -er and -ir verbs in the preterite, pg. 248 in the text.  Partneer activity using the preterite.

HW = Workbook pgs. 136 and 137, 5th and 7th periods

5/28 - Pre-Quiz #17.  Reviewed -er, -ir verbs in the preterite.  Reviewed pgs. 241,242,243.

HW = Workbook pgs. 136-137, 2nd p. only

5/31 -  Memorial Day Holiday

6/1 - Pre-Quiz #18. Reviewed -er, -ir verbs in the preterite.  Preteri te practice wo rksheet.  Preterite handout.  Oral assessment for final exam.

HW = Finish preterite worksheets.

6/2 - Read pgs. 246-247 in the text.  Answer all questions.  Correct preterite verb chart and turn in (answers to verb chart are on virtual share).  Complete assignments 3 and 4 on pages 250 and 251.

HW = Study for -err, -ir verb quiz tomorrow, Thursday,  6/3.

6/3 - All classes took U4L1, perterite quiz.  Continued oral assessments for final.

S pan ish 5


1/26 - Teacher W ork Day/Snow Day

1/27 - Snow Da y

1/28 - Sno w Day

1/2 9 - S n ow Day

1//30 - Mi d te rm exams returned.  Voca bulary ca pítul o 9, El Hotel.

HW = Complet ar todos l os e jercic ios de vocab ulario en el c apítu lo 9.

2/2 - Lis te ni ng exe rcise, practic e.  Reviewed Vo c ab ul ary c a p. 9.  revie wed and la beled vo ca b ulary o n o ve rhe ad.

HW = Stud y voca b ular y

2/3 - Pruebita de voc abul ario, 10 pts.  Compr e ns ión or al (prácti ca), La Feria.  Ejercicios de vo cabul a rio y sit uaciones, voc abular io cap ít ulo 9.

H W = S tu dy voc abula ry

2/4 - Com p r ens ió n oral (p ráctica).  Escuchar u n dialo go d e 5 minutos y contesta r preguntas de comp re nsi ón.  Repasar voc abula rio d el Hotel.  Comprension de lectu ra e l Hote l Baln e ario Vallfogona.  Note:  re ad i ng ass ignent for a grade.

HW = S t u dy for C hapte r 9 v ocabul ary quiz, El Hotel t omo rro w.

2/5 - Voca b. quiz, El Ho tel.  Listening comp., prac tice.  Review D.O. an d I. O. pr onou n s

HW = Li ste ning Compr ehe ns ion for grade tomorrow.

2/6 - Li sten in g comprehensi on for gr ade.  Rev iew o f d irec t and in diriect o bj. prono uns., p gs. 56 - 67 i n En c ue ntros ma ravi llosos.  Complete any one excerci se for D.O. obj., I.O. obj. and Bo t h in one s entence (3 diffe r ent exerc is es for g rad e).

H W = Discussion Bo ard # 9 due on Mond ay bef ore c las s.

2/9 - Listening c omprehens io n, practice.  R eadin g compreh ensi o n, pra ctice.  Rev iew d.o. and i.o. pro nouns, review sheet h anded out.  Started ch a pter 4 in e ncuentr os marav illoso s.

HW = Vocabul ary wo rkbo ok, chapt er 10, El b anco.  All exc e rcis e s.

2/1 0 - Picture se quence pr actice.  Group disc ussion of story an d gr ou p c ommentary rega rding En cuent r o Maravillosos vocabulario.

HW = Picture sequen c e for grade start in g tomor row, student wil l go acco rdin g to n umber d rawn.

2/11 - Picture S eq u enc e.  Finiish vocabu lary and vocabulary ex cer cises(a,b,c) in Encu entros Maravil l o sos, capitu lo 4.

2/1 2 - Picture sequence co n t in ued and finished exce pt f o r a bse ntees.  F inished vocabul ar y i n Encue nt ros Marav illoso s.  6th p. we nt to as s em b ly.

HW = Study vo cabu lary in Encuentros Ma ra v illosos, cap. 4.

2/13 - Voc abulary practi c e a nd review of Encuentros Marav ill osos, cap. 4.  6th p shor t du e to as semb ly.

HW = S tudy vocabula rty

2/17 - 3rd p. pr ueba de v oca bu lario, Encue ntros Mara vi l lo so s.  Revie w ed AP direc ted response proceed ures.  6th p. p ractica de vocabulario, Encu entros Maravillosos.

2/1 8 - 3rd. p leer la selecci ón d e Unamuno en En cue n tro s Maravillosos, ca p. 4.  C omprensión de l ec tura.  6th p. prueba de voc abulari o, En cu e n tros Ma ra vil los os, cap. 4.

2/19 - Termi nar de le er se leccion de Unamuno.

2/20 - Dialogo en g rupos de 4.  Prepar ar un di ál ogo segun las i nst r uccione s en Encuentros Ma ravi llosos, pg. 79, ex. 1.

HW = El fr agmento de -Na da menos q ue todo un hom bre- qu e leíst e(en clase) r efle ja los valore s soc ia les re lacionados con la belleza fís i ca y c on el d ine ro.  ¿ Qu é se p ued e apre nd er de l os val or es y l a moralidad d e nu est ra so c i edad p or la publicid a d, las pr opa gan da s o anunci os de varios product os?  Tr ae a la clase unos anun cio s de perió d icos o revi stas y discute la s imp licacione s sociales.

2/23 - Pres entacion de gru pos, dia log os.  Disc usió n sobre la s i mplica ci ones socia les de los anuncios.

2/24 - Ensay o, Encuentros M aravillosos, pg. 78 #1.  En un ensayo bien organizado, di sc ute la rebelió n de un hijo co ntra sus padres.  Pue de s contar un suc eso que te p asó a ti o a u n amigo.  Si prefie res, pu edes e mplear la forma de c uen t o corto en vez de un en sayo.

2/25 - Dire cted respo nse pr actic e w ith part ners in groups of four.  Rev ie wed AP ru bric for D.R.  Started re view of the Subjunctive.  Notes on S ubjunctive distr ib ut ed in cl ass.  P r actic e formi ng the subjunctive in c lass, handout.

HW = S ubjuncti v e p ractic e worksheet.  All student s sh ould hav e th eir comp ut ers in class tom or row, fully ch arge d.  Our technology instructor will be in class to work o n record i ng and c reati ng file s fo r re cordings.n

2/26 - Technology with Mrs. Susa n Cowar din.  Stude n t s le arned how to use their laptops t o rec ord on im ovie, save in q uick time and dro p in my drop box.  We will be using this procedure for ora l activ itie s, like pi c tu r e se qu ences and directe d res pons es.  If you were ab sent, plea se a fello w s tudents learn how to use you r comput er for re cordin g.  We will c ontinue with the Subjun ctive tomorrow.

2/27 - Revi ewed forming the Pres ent Subjunctive.  R eviewed a ns w ers to subjun ctiv e w orksheet and hom e work.  Group proyect, draw a pictur e of a car and l abel the par ts accor ding to each per s ons role i n the group.  Fo r ex ample, Jane is the wheel, because she steers t he grou p in the right direction.  All in Spanish.

HW = Stu dy f o r qui z on forming t he subjunctive.

3/1 - Te ac h er a bsent.  Students should go to A P in formation mee ti ng with the subst itut e.  If not, studen t s s ho uld work in Enc ue ntros Ma ravillosos wor kbook, pg s. 83 and 84.  Also, fi nish group projec t an d be rea dy to presen t to morrow.

HW = Subjun cti ve qui z tomorrow.

3/2 - 3r d p. some studen ts t ook s ub junctive q ui z.  6th p. all stude nts took subjunc tiv e qui z.  Stu de nts prese nt ed group car assignm ent.

3/3 - Lis ten ing compr ehension on APEX.  Students co m pleted a di agnos tic a nd study plan for l istening co mprehen sion.  Ab sent stude nt s go to A p ex, sign in, he ad straight to class, c lick AP Span is h la nguaghe exam revi ew(scroll dow n), cl ick Course Mater ia l, click Li stening comprehension, Diagnostic an d S tud y Plan launch acti v ity, click D ia gnostic and St udy plan (le f t ha nd co r ner und e r int r odu cti on).  Compl et e activit y and make a copy of your final d iagnostic and study pla n and tu r n in to me.

HW = Fi nish L istening Comprehension Diagnostic a n d Study plan.

3/4 - In celeb ration of F oreign Language Week, tod ay wa s S pan is h lan gua ge day.  Th e f ocus of t oda y's l ess on was famou s his p anics.  First, students played t he name game in whi ch t hey had t o guess which hispanic person the y represented.  The name o f the person was p ut on a name tag on t h eir back.  The st udent c ould not see the nam e and ther efore did not know who th ey r e pres en ted.  The only was to fin d out was to a s k oth e r stude nt s questions in order to g uess or figure out the nam e of t he person.  Second, each pers on had t o find their fam ou s person on the internet and write a brie f bio of th e perso n and inc lud e a pi cture.  A ll bios were turned in and p osted outsi de th e class room.

3/5 - 3rd period presented group p roj ects (c ar a ss ignment).  6th p. comp l et e d d iscussion bo ard in class.

3/8 - 3r d p. finished pr esent a tions.  6th p. su bjunct i ve p ractic e in grou ps and liste n in g pra ctice.  All class es, students nee d to refer back to listening co mprehens ion diagnotic results and cho ose an activity in y our s tu d y plan to complete.  Give me th e n ame of the revi ew/practice exe rcise you will be comp l eting a nd turn in evide n ce of yo ur comple tio n.

3/9 - 3rd p. subjunctive practice in gr oups a nd listening.  6th p. s ubjunctive pop quiz, reviewed subj un ctive in adve rb ial clauses.  Practi ce and no tes on subj. in adverbia l cl auses in Virtual share to use as stu dy aid es.

HW = S tu dy the su bjunctive, u se class notes and web links on v irtual share.

3/1 0 - 3rd p. s u bjunctive pop quiz.  Revie wed subjunc tive in adverb ial cla uses and practiced usi ng link s in my virtual share folder, turned in practic e #1 for g ra de.  6th p. s ubjunc t iv e in adv erbial clauses pop quiz.  Reviewed subjunctive in Enc uentros Maravi llo sos.

HW = Study Su bjun c tive in adverbial and adjective claus es.

3/11 - 3rd p. Subjun ctive in adv er bial clauses pop quiz.  Reviewed Sub jun ctive in a d je ctive clauses an d com pleted prac tice hand out.  Practice handout turned in for clas s grad e.  6 th p. reviewed sub junctive in adjective clauses an d completed two p r act ice ex cercis es.  Han do ut pract ice turned in for class grade.

HW = Study subjunc tive i n ad j e c tive cla uses.

3/12 - All c lasses took Subjunctive in adjective clau ses q uiz.  Reading compre hension a ssignment, Rigobert a Menchu, handou t.

HW = Finish reading a ssigment. S tudy for Subj unctive lesson quiz.

3/15 - All classes t ook Sub ju ncit v e lesson Q uiz.  St a rted R eading comprehension diagnostic test online.
3/16 - D ue to SOL tes ting 3rd. p. did not meet.  6th p. corrtected subju nctive quiz.

3/17 - 3rd p. corrected s u bjunctive qui z.  6th p. comp leted reading c ompr ehesion diag n o sti c.  Tur n in diagno s tic res ul ts

3/18 - Returned subjunctive qui z with ans w e r sheet.  Chec k ans wers and explanations against answer sheet.  Complete reading comp r ehension diagnostic anal ysis.

3/19 - Wrapped up subjunctive qu iz co rrections a nd e x pl anations.  Al l readi ng com p rehension diagno stics due a nd turned i n.  Prac ticed the subjun ctiv e, handout, excercise s D and E.

HW = Study f or subjunctive qu i z retake on Monday.  Discussion Boa rd due Tuesday.

3/22 - All classe s took s ubj n cti ve quiz.  Co ntinue with sub ju nccitve.

HW = Disc uss i on Board due t omorrow.

3/23 - Timed readi ng compr ehension fo r a gra de.

3/24 - Re ading compre hension pro jec t, rubric discussed and handed out.  Deadlin e i s A pril 1, 2 004.  All st udents were giv en class time to search internet for appropriate r e a ding materi al to use for the project.

HW = Work on re adi ng compr ehension p roject.  Rough draft due Monday (no t ma ndatory)

3/25 - Last day of MP2.  Reading C omprehension comp l eted and turned i n at e nd of class perio d.

HW = Work on re ading co m prehension p roject.  Rough draft due Monday.

3/26 - Stu dent H ol iday

3/29 - Listening Comprehension, AP pr actic e for g rade.  Turn in rough drafts of Li stening Comprehe n sio n proje ct.  Pr esent perfe ct sub j unctive class notes a nd practice.

HW =  W ork on reading co mprehensi on project.

3/30 - AP li stening co mp. #2.  AP reading comp. #1.  3rd. present perfect subjunctiv e practice on vi rtual sha re.  6t h p. Encuen tros marav illo sos, pgs. 88,89 en grupos.

H W = Work on reading comp rehensio n proj e ct.s

3/31 - AP reading comprehension pr actice #2.  Finis h grammar excercises in EM pgs. 88-89.  6th p. comple ted Apex learn ing Vocabula ry dia gnostic.

HW = Rea ding Comprehens ion pro j ect due tomorrow.

4/1 -All c las ses,  Prueba del Presente Perfecto Su bjuntivo.  3rd. p Apex diagnostic, voca b ulario.  6 th p., registration(1000,school code) and practice conju gation of Imp erfect sub juncitv e.

4/2 - 3rd. p St uden ts r egistered in Conjugu ol code 1000, select teacher = Riv e ra)  onc e registered, students practiced co njugati ng imperfec t subjunctive.  6th p. reviewed and p racticed imperfect subjunctive ex c ercises in my virtual share folder.  Pr ac tice #5 tu rned in.

¡Feliz Sema na de Descanso!.

4/12 - Conversaciones en e sp añ ol e n grup os.  Directed conv ersa tions in groups.  Reading comprehension.

4/13 - Reading Comprehension pra ctice.  Practice Clo z e passages, turn in.  Vocabulary i n Encuentr o s Maravillo sos, pgs. 113-115.  Di rected Respons e f or grade with tea che r.

4/1 4 - Teacher Absent.  Studen ts are to finish vocabula ry in Encuentros Maravillosos, pgs. 113-115 and turn i n.  Complete M odified Cloze worksheet and turn in.  Respomd to Discussion Board on APEX.

4/15 - Conti nued Directed respon se with tea c her fo r g r ade.  Reviewed with student s EM v ocabulary.  Students made appropriate cor rections to grade d vocabulary ass ignme nt in EM pgs. 113-115.  Discussion, EM pg. 115 #1.

4/16 - 3rd pre-reading review of Cien años de s oledad.  6th p. Gabriel G arcía Már quez web quest.

4/19 - 3rd p. Gab ri el García Márquez web quest, turn in in my drop box.  6th p. r ead and reviewed C i en años d e soledad in group s.  Each group resonsible for con tributing example of Magical realsim to th e class.  All ex a mples must be different.

4/20 - Continued discussion of Magical realisim and García Márquez.  Group discussion o f elements of mag ica l re ali sm in Cien años d e sol edad.

4/21 - Senior field trip.  Those students in class worked on com preh ension of Cien año s de
so ledad, Encue nt r os Maravillosos, pg. 119.  Those students absent will have to make-up this assignment. §

4/22 - 3 rd p. f i nishe d presentat ions on elements of Magical realism in Cien años de soledad.
6th p. took E.M. chap. 6, voca b. quiz.  After qui z gr oups made "let re ros" as would be seen in Cien años de soledad.

HW = 3rd. p. Cien años de soledad v ocabulary q uiz to morrow.

4/23 - 3r d. p. took E.M. vocablary quiz today and finishe d comprehension questi ons, EM pg. 1 19.  6th p. fi nishe d letreros p res entation a nd finished comp rension de lectura, EM pg. 119.

HW = Prueba, comprension de lectura, Cien años de so ledad.

4/26 - Re viewed comprensión of Cien años.  All classes took Prueba de comprensión de Cie n años de soledad.

4/27 - Err or recognitio n pr actice.  Práctica de co mprensión de l ectura.

HW = 3rd.p. Error recognition handout.  6th p. reading compr ehension handout.

4/28 - Listeng comp. practice.  Error recognition practice.  Apex AP exam review di agno stic and study plan #5.

HW = Fi nish Diag nostic and study pl a n #5.iµ

4/29 - A P practice exam, listening comprehension, vocabulary and se nte n ce structure.
We will continue with AP PRACTICE EXAM TOMORROW.

4/30 - Continue AP practice exam.

5/3 - 3rd p. c ontinued AP practic e exa m.  6th p. Apex discussion board, in class.

5/4 - Due to SOL testing classes met for only 24 minutes.  3rd p. A pex d iscussion board, in class.  Final project assigned.  6th p. Students responded to my Apex discussion board co m ments. Final project a s signed.  Due date f or final project is 5/19/04.

5/5 - Due to SOL testing classes were 2 hrs. long today.  Class d iscussion of Final project.  I showed examples of work product to class.  Groups started individual project discussi ons.  Showed examples o f actual Spanis h c ommercials for fina l project ideas.  Finally, Cinco de Mayo webquest on virtual share.  Submit answers to webquest in mu dropbo x.  Remember by wirtual share is ilebron.

5/6 - Classes did not meet due to SOL t est ing.

5/7 - Started Poes ía en español l esson.  Handout rea d rima y ritmo, versos sencillos de Martí.

5/10 - Afro cuban instrument p resentatio n, listening for ritmo.  Wat ched video of Spanish music using poetry, Jose Martí'`s Versos Sencillos thr ough Guantanamera.  Re ad selection of Versos Se ncillos and comple ted activity sheet.

5/11 - Reviewed Versos Sencillos activity sheets.  S tudents created their own poems in groups of 4.  Start poem with Mañana es mi cumpleaños... and finish with 3 more verses that ryme.  Also, 6th p. review sheet hand ed out.

5/12 - Continued Poetry.  Reviewed ritmo, rima.  Introduced versos libres and par alelis mo.
Leer los poemas, Meciendo(by Gabriela Mistral) and Verde Luz(by Antonio Caban Vale.  Complete activity sheet for Verde Luz.

HW = Finish activity shee t for poem, Verde Luz by Antonio Caban Vale.

5/13 - Review ed poesia, recursos de sonido.  Review sheet handed out.  Turn in activity for Verde luz.

HW = Poesia, recursos de sonido quiz tomorrow

5/14 - All classes t ook quiz, p oesia, recurso s de sonido.  Worked on final pro jects.

5/17 - Poetry worksheet, La Muralla.  Complete and turn in.

5/18 - Poetry activity, Inventa/Complenta un poema.  Work on final projects.

HW = Final projects due tomorrow.

5/19 - Student presentations of final projects.

5/20 = 3rd p. finished final projects presentations.  3rd a nd 6th reviewed Figuras retóricas, p oesí a.  Review sheet handed out.

HW = Study Poesía, figuras retóricas, símil, metáfora, personificación, símbol o e hipérbole.

5/21 = Review Figuras retóricas.  Complete review sheet.  If you did not get a copy, a c opy is attached to my door.  All studen ts must be ready for a quiz on Monday, May 24th, no excuses.

HW = Prueba, Poesía, figuras retóricas.

5/24 - A ll classes took Figuras retóricas quiz.

5/25 - Last day for seniors.  All students recieved  grade.  ¡Buena Suerte!

5/26 - Exam review

5/27 - Exam review

3rd period exam - Friday, June 4  9:00am-10:50am

6th period exam - Thursday, June 3  1:30 - 3:20 pm

Buena Suerte


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