immigration Mrs. Chapin Social Studies 8
North Syracuse Jr. High School Immigration Activity
Welcome to American Immigration 1840s - 1910.

Immigrants came to America for many different reasons and during various times in American History.  These immigrants faced and overcame many hardships during their journey. The differences of these many immigrants contributed to America's rich and varied culture.

As you click on the links below and analyze the information found of these web pages, use your imagination and
Enter the life of the Immigrant.

Directions for Immigrant Experience Activity.
1. Use the links below to answers the questions on your activity sheet.
2. The descriptions for each link include the #'s of the questions that you can answer from that link.
3. Carefully read the questions
4. Write all answers in complete sentences

4. Project is worth 2 grades and the Diary is worth 1 grade..
5. Project is due December 12th. .

Library Activity Dates.
1. We will be in the Library on Dec. 4 & 5
2. You can access this web site from networked computers in the Library, Homeroom, Study Hall and After School Help Time.
3. You can also access this web site from home if you have Internet Access.

Type in then put this Internet Address into your Favorites.
Useful links
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