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Impressionist Art Quest

To start, open a Microsoft Word docuement and copy these questions or print this Page so that you can write your answers down.  If you would like you can even write the questions down on a piece of paper.  Answer each question with a complete sentence.  You may use a search engine such as Yahooligans, Infoseek, Jeeves, or Searchopolis to help you find the answers to these questions.  Make sure that you read each question carefully and look for good key words to begin your search.  If you have difficulty finding an answer, you may want to use one of the links in the favorite sites section. Good luck!

What was Impressionism?

How long was this art period?

Pick a famous Impressionist artist.  What was their name?

When did they live?

Where were they from?

What kind of art media did they use? Ex. Watercolor

What was one of their most famous works?

List four details that would describe the artwork.

This artwork is probably famous becauseā€¦

What date was this artwork made on and where did you find that answer?

What was the most interesting thing you learned about this artist?
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