imslatin Salve
Independence Middle School Scisne tua verba? Scisne tua omnia verba?
Your project were great!  These are the winners of the contest: 
          1st place:  Sam
          2nd place:  Meghan
          3rd place:  Matt
This does not take away from the many other wonderful efforts.  This was the first year that every project had a vote!  Memento:  grades are based on my criteria, not the 7th grade vote.

Some of you will be invited to participate in the National Latin exam.  7th graders will take an introduction to Latin exam; 8th graders will take the Latin I exam.  This will be held in early March on the High School campus during one class period during the school day.
Check the main web page a link to the National Latin Exam web page to get more information about the competition and an exam syllabus.

Slippery Rock results will take about a month to receive.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Latin 7 Grammar Review
end of the year for 7th grade or review
third declension practice
for 8th grade, practice with these noun forms
Basic translation practice
for 7th grade or 8th grade review
Verb forms, present through future perfect tenses
verb review, tense through ch. 10
clause words
review vocabulary in compound sentences
practice with prepositions
practice prepositions from Ch. 3 and before
Useful links
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