independentreading Mrs. McCarthy
Holliston High School Grade 8 Language Arts Teacher
Dear Students,
     You have read lots of books this year. Now it's time to share some of what you have read with your classmates. You will be writing a book review for your favorite book of the year and saving it in a class folder for your peers to read. They will then be able to consult this folder when looking for their next "good" book.
     Begin by using the remainder of the period today to review the following book review websites. Read at least one review for a book you have already read (not one you're planning on writing a review for) and read others to get ideas for books you might like to read (save the titles and authors for these).
     Decide which book you have read this year that you would like to write a review for (you will need your independent reading folder for this). Visit the fourth website listed below for instructions. In addition, use the handout entitled "Writing a Review, The Seven Components" as a guide.
     Save your book review in the "Independent Reading" folder that has been set up for your class. Be sure to revise and edit your work. Your peers will be reading these!
     When you finish, spend the remainder of the class period looking for additional adolescent book review web sites. Submit the addresses to me.
     Good luck! Have fun!

     Mrs. McCarthy

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