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  5th grade teacher
Hi, kids!

Next week in Ms. McDaiel's Fifth Grade....

we will be exploring the World of Careers.


--> Be thinking about what you want to be when you "grow up."  Think BIG and use those imaginations... the sky's the limit. What gets you excited?  What sparks your curiosity?

    *What did you say you wanted to one day become when you were a young child?  Has this dream changed?  If so, why?

    *What are your best "gifts" or qualities?  What do you think you might enjoy doing that you ahven't tried before?

--> Interview an adult.  This can be a parent, neighbor, friend, grandparent... anyone whose life or career you find exciting in some way.  Use the questionnaire handed out on Friday as a guideline, bu feel free to add your own questions as well... those are usually the best ones!

-->Don't forget to get those permission slips signed so we can all get on the bus Friday for our Field Trip to the university.  We will be interviewing college student about their career goals... this will be a great opportunity and a lot of fun!    

--> Keep reading in your independent novels.  Those presentations are coming up quickly!

-->Last but not least, have a fun weekend!!!!

                                          Ms. McDaniel
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