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INFERNO - Final Paper of the Semester
As we have often said this semester, and as you will come to understand even better in the years ahead, a journey through the Underworld, like Aeneas' or through Hell, like Dante's changes a person. In this paper you will trace the change Dante the Pilgrim experiences by charting the change in his attitude towards sin; do this by examining his changing attitude towards the various sinners he meets.
ASSIGNMENT: A.) Trace the change in Dante by charting his change in attitude towards the sinners he encounters;
B.) To support your thesis, cite (i.e. use passages) from The Inferno w/in your paper;
C.) Consult one other source: encylopedia (online "New Advent Catholic Encycolpedia" is good - cf. Useful Links,
below), artwork (e.g.Doré)...we will discuss source possibilities in class, so come prepared to share.
D.) Attach a Works Cited (last page of paper), MLA format: see TG Library link OR Agenda book, pp. 42-44. WHERE TO START :
--> Decide on what words you would use to describe the change you see in Dante. This will be your thesis statement (where will you place it within your paper?)*
--> Select specific sinners from three (3) Cantos to illustrate your point.
--> if the passage you quote from The Inferno is longer than 3 lines in your paper, INDENT.
--> if the passage you quote is 3 lines or fewer, be sure to use a backslash (cf, sample below)
--> be sure you do not hit 'return' or 'enter' more than once after (or before) a passage.
HOW to DOCUMENT Inferno PASSAGES w/in your paper
Indicate source by Canto and line number - e.g. "Behold the beast that has the pointed tail,/That crosses mountains, leaves walls and weapons broken"(XVII,1-2) LENGTH : 250-500 wds (1-2 pages, typed)
FORMAT requiements : 12-pt, simple font (Times, Helvetica, e.g.), cover page, to include title, date, class
Important CONVENTIONS to recall when writing a LITERARY ANALYSIS :
--> USE HISTORICAL PRESENT tense [e.g. Dante the Pilgrim sees Brutus; he has seen Dido much earlier.]
--> Use 3rd person only (never "I/we" or "you"). Never say "I think..." or "In my opinion" (the reader will assume that the entire paper is what you think, i.e. your opinion)
--> AVOID PLOT SUMMARY (assume the reader is as familiar with the text you as you are)
DUE DATE : Turn in your final draft paper on Tuesday, 16 January (MLK holiday is Mon, 15 Jan).
NOTE: expect interim deadline for
->first draft * last sentence, Intro paragraph
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