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Welcome! Coming here will allow you to witness the exciting Pokemon you created! There is only one rule: no Pokemon you send to me can match or be higher than the power of Master Mew. He is the ULTIMATE Pokemon and has no equal. I repeat: NO EQUAL! Thank you.

Sandstorm The final evolution of Sandslash. His quills have turned into complete solid gold, and has grown tiny little wings that allow him to fly. His most powerful move is Tornado, which is said to look like three Gusts, followed by a mega-sized one. His rare card has no weaknesses, and has resistance to lightning(-40). He is owned by Vannessa, the 9th Gym Leader, Fred, and AJ (his Sandshrew evolved all the way.).

Penn A baby penguin pokemon. Once said to be a myth, but have been spotted by deep-sea divers. Sadly, Penn is harder to find than it's evolved form, Gwinn, because it evolves only days after birth. If angered, it will use Blizzard, it's first attack.

Gwinn The evolution of Penn. He has numerous attacks, including the powerful ice attack Blizzard, which he learns as a baby. His card is uncommon, but Penn is a rare holofoil. He has weakness to fire, but no resistance.

Meltdown A nuclear/fire pokemon that is found at the power plant once. His most powerful attack is Nuke, which faints a pokemon instantly. He can be defeated, but only by a really powerful trainer with all six of their pokemon at level 100.

Rocky The evolution of Golem. He looks just like Golem, but has Sylvester Stallone's face and boxing gloves. The only words he can say is, "Yo Adrian! I did it!".  KO the sorry loser or put up with him until a trader comes along.

Fallout A rival to Meltdown. Also a nuclear pokemon, but is poison type as well. Her most powerful attack is Sicken, which works as a virus and poisons them until they faint. She can only be defeated by Meltdown, and can only be found once at the power plant after you've caught Meltdown. She can breed with him, though, to have a really powerful Pokemon baby.

Dingbat An evolution of Kurobatto. Think of him as a crossbreed between Mr. Mime and Golbat. Scary, Huh?  This guy can hardly fly, let alone stand up.  His most powerful move is Goofy Laugh which confuses all smart Pokemon.

Gophar A rare ground Pokemon. He drills so far underground, Pokemon chasing after him are said to end up on the other side of the Earth. He can breed with Dugtrio, which creates a whole new league of attacks neither one of them had to begin with.

Ocuro A bat-like pokemon. He can see far distances and can breed with Zubat. He has a decent array of Psychic attacks like Psyshock.

Weedlepie The combination of Weedle and Caterpie.  He has both Weedle and Caterpie's moves, but learns a new move, Bug Catch, in the process.

Metakuna The evolution of Weedlepie. He has the same moves as Weedlepie, but also has Venom, another new move.  If caught in the wild, He will have Venom and Harden.

Beefree The final evolution of Weedlepie.  He looks like a Butterfree with Beedrill's arms and legs.  He has both Beedrill's and Butterfree's moves, but learns Venom Sting as well.

Gasping The final evolution of Koffing.  He is created when two Weezings meet. His best move, Toxic Spray, poisons an opponent and steals their energy at the same time

Circo The evolution of Mr. Mime. His entire body is made of large cicles. His Psyattack move can confuse an enemy and drain them of their attacks. His card is Mega-Rare, so don't think You'll find it easily.

Unisus The evolution of Rapidash.  He looks like a unicorn and a pegasus breed.  His most powerful attack, Blaze, can take away almost all of any opponent's HP.
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