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Ink Pink - Two one-syllable words
Inky Pinky - Two two-syllable words
Inkity Pinkety - Two three-syllable words


Ink Pink - an uncontrollable youngster (a wild child)
Inky Pinky- a dumb little boy with a bow and arrow (stupid cupid)
Inkity Pinkity - a yearly handbook (an annual manual)

Translate the following definitions into rhyming pairs:

Ink Pink -
1. an inexpensive land vehicle
2. short poetry
3. strange facial hair
4. meat robber
5. large dried fruit

Inky Pinky -
1. comical hare
2. vegetable for talking bird
3. unreliable dill
4. even demon
5. fishy operating-room doctor

Inkity Pinkity
1. ominous clergyman
2. frozen bike
3. tantrum thrown by Cleopatra
4. pasta torn into little pieces
5. mundane pattern of tiles

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