insane Ways To Make People THink You're Insane

Ways To Make People THink You're Insane!

  • When in a crowded elevator, when the door is open and you're about to leave, turn to the people behind you, yell, "THERES A SOCK IN MY PANTS!", laugh insanely, and run away as fast as you can.
  • Laugh insanity for three seconds, then stop, turn to a person behind you, and look at them like they're crazy.
  • When in an elevator, ask if you could press the button for the other people. Works most effectivly with a little kiddie voice and an eighty year old man. Just a thought...
  • In a Kosher deli, yell, PORK!, flip them and run away. If you're Jewish like me, I have to say, what is wrong with you?
  • Milk a cow, then brag to your friends about it, telling them how rough it was and how you had to squeeze and pull. Extra emphasis ont he words "squeeze" and "pull". You get the idea.
  • When in an elevator, bang your head against the side of your door, singing Bawitdaba loudly. Remember to dress as a hippie!
  • Roll over. Doesn't matter where you are, as long as you're around people. Just be normal for a minute, act as you heard something weird, scream, "IT'S THE RADIO WAVES!" and roll on the ground. Then get up and act as if nothing happened.
  • In a classroom, whenever the teacher isnt looking, throw a peice of paper at him/her. they look around you or at you, act like everyone else. Continue until teacher sends you to the principal(or whomever's in charge's) office. Do the same thing to him.
  • Write very sad, emotional poetry for school extra-credit or project or whatever. Say it in a very goofy voice.
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