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Mayde Creek High School English 9
remember you have workbook pp. due on Friday from your novel packet

remember you must be finished through p. 200 Friday

remember your novel project is due Wednesday (Feb 9)

Test on your novel Friday (Feb 11)

End of the 6 weeks (Feb 11)

today you will create a story web with the program "inspiration."

Inspiration Novel Project

Time frame: 2 days
Grade weight: Minor Grade (2x in gradebook)

Lesson objective:
familiarize students with flow charts
demonstrate an understanding of text (novel)
develop creativity
practice following directions
practice word-processing skills

to access the "inspiration" program:
click on the start button on the bottom left of your screen, then going to programs and Inspiration k- ????? (not sure what the last number is)..

to begin your project:
you will put the name of your book, the author's name, your full name and your class period in the center box.
next, you will save the program (on the hard drive)
go to
file (in the top left corner of the screen)
save as (in the pull down menu)(note: you should see my documents listed in the top of the box)
               save as follows: firstnamelastnameinspiration
then you may begin webbing        

The first sub-group of boxes should include: Conflict,
Plot Development,
Setting and

After creating these sub-boxes you can web off in any direction you want.

You can:

make the subgroups any shape you want
create as many web-links as you want
save often by clicking on the icon of a disk on the top tool bar

You can't:
change the shape of the center box (but you can make it   bigger)
enlarge any box other than the center one
change the color of the boxes
use more than two pages for your final product

Grading Rubric:
   *All subgroups are supported with evidence from book

Visual Representation:
    *Visually Pleasing
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