installationart Mr. Pickman
Holliston High School Visual Arts Instructor
Installation art refers to site specific indoor and outdoor environments created by artists. These environments include alterations to the landscape as well as rooms where natural or constructed elements have been arranged. Installations have been created by every material immaginable, including mixed media and paint, sculptural forms, light, historical artifacts, water, trees, wood and found objects. Occasionally there are words incorporated into an installation, or an explanatory text is attached. Some created environments are enhanced by music, other audio, and video segments.

Installation art can define a concept with logic and structure, or impose a mood or reaction. Many created environments are designed to tell a story. Occasionally the meaning and message become all important in an installation work and the end result is not always aesthetically pleasing. This is intentional, as is the bringing together of seemingly incompatable combinations of materials to create an art with intent and purpose. In some installations, subject matter is consciously manipulated in an attempt to prod the unconscious mind into forming a reaction. The juxtaposition of incongruous objects is often intended as a rebellion against classically formed art.

Placed in the right context any object could be considered art. Often the artists will use items having personal, political, or social significance. The installation artist creates a self-contained world to be experienced by the viewer and the viewer is free to interpret this world.

From your web search please find and share the following images.

A) Two formally diverse installations.
B) One extremely mysterious installation.
C) The most compelling (to you) installation.
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