instech Dr. Rooker
University of Central OK Instructional Technology Prof
Assignments for the Semester:

E-Mail (15 pts)            (3 messages)
TrackStar (10 pts)         (Internet)
Word Processing (10 pts)   (parent letter)
Templates (10 & 5 pts)     (newsletter & award certificate)
Database (10 pts)          (student records)
Mail Merge (10 pts)        (multiple letters)
Spreadsheet (10 pts)       (gradesheet)
Presentation (20 pts)      (PowerPoint)

In addition, there will be an exam - a Final (100 pts).  The exam includes both a written portion and an application portion (computer hands-on).

All assignments must be turned in on the day due - no late assignments will be accepted.  If you cannot be in class the day an assignment is due, e-mail it or fax it to me (405-974-3857).
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