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Guam South Elementary/Middle school Integrated Science II
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Seventh Grade Science
School Year 2000 - 2001

I.  Course of Study

  A.  Introduction to Science
         - Process skills
             ex: following directions, comparing,
                 sequencing, observing, inferring,

         - Major Fields of Science
         - Constructing graphs: line, bar graphs
         - Use of laboratory equipment
         - Scientific method
         - Safety Guidelines

  B.  Physical Science
         - Matter
         - Acids & Bases
         - Forms of Energy
         - Motion, Heat, Temperature
         - Light, Sound

  C.  Life Science
         - Cell, life cycles, reproduction
         - Food chains, food web
         - Characteristics of organisms:
           regulation, behavior, structure, function,
         - Photosynthesis, greenhouse effect
         - Ecosystems

  D.  Earth and Space Science
         - Properties of earth:
           structure, history, seasons, layers of earth
         - Solar system
         - Fossil and rock formation
         - Geochemical Cycles

  E.  History and Nature of Science
         - History of science
         - Scientific and technological discoveries

II.  Criteria for Evaluation

        A. Homework*
        B. Classwork
        C. Laboratory
        D. Tests**
        E. Projects***

III. Textbook

        Science Plus
        Technology and Society
        Level Green
        by Holt, Rinehart and Winston

* Homework will be given every week on
  Wednesday/Thursday. This is due Monday/Tuesday of the
  following week.
     Homework No. 10  Due Oct. 23-24, 2000
     1. Challenge your  Thinking worksheets.
** Test will be given every other week.

*** Projects will be assigned every quarter.  All
    information needed concerning the projects will
    be explained. 

Note: Progress reports will be sent home every two weeks.
      Parents will be notified regularly for missing work.

      Last Progress reports for Science and Reading
      were sent home Oct. 16-17, 2000. Please sign and   
      return on or before Friday Oct. 19, 2000. 

      Please check your child's agenda regularly.
      The 7th grade team of teachers greatly appreciate
      your support !!!!
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