integratedscience8 Mrs. Marisa Salas
Guam South Elementary & Middle School  
Short-term project:  

*   Select an experiment to work with 1st grade students to
   be presented on Monday 10/30 through Friday, 11/3/00.
   This project was extended because of teacher workshops
   on Thursday and Friday (10/26 & 10/27).  

   Note:  This was assigned on October 4th.

Long-Term Project/Assigned since October 4th.

1.  Continue with research on Career in Science.

2.  Paper on Career is due Monday 11/6 & Tuesday 11/7.
   Paper must be:  a.  Typed   b.  double-spaced  
   c.  1200-1500 words    d.  12 inch font  
   e.  times new roman or courier   f.  visual-aid required

3.  Guest speakers can be brought in to supplement the
   presentation grade...I just need to know a week ahead
   of time.

4.  Identify a Science Fair Topic/Title for the Island-wide
   competition.  Include the following in your paper:
   a.  purpose     b.  hypothesis   c.  experiment/activity  
   d.  gather data   e. analyze and compile data
   f.  demonstrate the experiment for oral presentation
       (d,e,f-should be conducted during Christmas break)

   Due Friday, December 8th.  Paper must follow guidelines
   above; which will include a, b, & c of #4 above.

Monday, 10/23/00 & Tuesday, 10/24/00, Wednesday, 10/25/00

   All students will orally resent their 1st grade
   experiments for teacher evaluation which includes the
   lab write-up.

Thursday, 10/26/00

   I will be at a Science Workshop at the DSO, and the
   students will work on their Current Event Articles.

Friday, 10/27/00

   Continue with the 1st grade presentations.  Classes are     24 minutes long...students released at 11:30 .

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