intermediate2sec3 Sr. Yegros
Weston High School Spanish Intermediate 2, section 3

For Wednesday, November 8:
    Read the story Una hija singular and answer questions #1-3 and 6, found at the end of the story. Be sure you read the entire story before you come to class.
For Friday, November 10:
    TEST. You should study:
  • the differences between ser and estar
  • the present progressive
  • Vocabulary: "Los sentimientos" and the vocabulary "El Pelo y la Cara"
  • You will also be asked questions about verbs that were on the previous test! Be sure to review the present tense verbs that you studied during the first quarter. A copy of the sheet with those verbs was given to you on Tuesday's class.
For Tuesday, November 14:
    Study the preterit endings and the irregular verbs that you learned on Friday. To practice them, use "Conjuguemos" in You can go to it directly by clicking below. Practice exercises #6-7 in "Conjuguemos.
For Wednesday, November 15:
    Complete Ejercisio Q from the worksheet that I handed out in class. Also, bring 5 "puntos debiles" and 5 "puntos fuertes" that you could mention in a job interview.
For Friday, November 17:
    There is no homework for Friday.
For Monday, November 20:
    Design a job application ad that will be posted on our walls on Monday. The announcement should include the job title, the requirements, and the benefits offered (as well as contact information). Be neat and colorful! Also, you will have a quiz on the vocabulary "Los empleos" (I'll use the same clues found on the vocabulary review) and on the preterit conjugations that we have studied.
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