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My Quia activities and quizzes
Present Simple OR Present Progressive
Present Progressive Fill-In
Present Tense Practice
Present Tense Fill-In
Practice Past Tense
Past Tense Practice (regular)
Simple Past Tense in context (Reg. & Irregular)
Past Tense Practice
More Past Tense Practice
Past, Present, or Future?
Doesn't - Don't - Didn't
Simple Past or Past Progressive -- A Conversation
Free Time: practice with verb forms (infinitives and gerunds)
Parts of the Body (Rosetta Stone 18-04)
Vowel Sounds Patterns
Question Words
Make or Do?
Which Sentence is Correct?
Apartment Rental Abbreviations
Job Ads Abbreviations
American Culture: Should or Shouldn't
Home Safety Vocabulary
Computer Vocabulary
Words for U.S. Government & Elections
Level 3B U.S. Government Words
Recipe for Tomato Soup
Count and Non-count Nouns: Talking about Food
A box, a bottle, a can...
Food & Drinks Fill-In Quiz
Health & the Body
Their / They're / There
Personal Pronouns & Possessives
Common Spelling Mistakes
American Holidays Quiz
Thankful for a Friend
Thanksgiving Dinner
U.S. State Abbreviations
U.S. States & Capitals
Working Words in Present Progressive Tense
Level 3B Vocabulary July 27
Banking Vocabulary (Level 3)
Unit 25: Housing Vocabulary Sentences
Level 3A Health Vocabulary
Questions & Answers in Simple Present & Present Progressive
Negatives in Simple Present & Present Progressive Tenses
Level 3 Vocabulary: Transportation Unit
Computer Vocabulary II
Graphs Quiz
Describing People
Reading A Building Map and Directory
Pronouns: Subject, Object, and Possessive
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