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Job Description:  Volunteer and Membership Coordinator


Supports HealthLink organization and members in the execution of
projects, public education and communication campaigns by providing
administrative services. Provides coordination amongst members and
fellow organizations in the execution of tasks. Insures information
requests from citizens, members and the media are fulfilled, either
directly or by referral to a HealthLink leader. Maintains records, such
as mailing and email lists, press releases, videos etc.


Assists HL leadership with project tracking, flagging delayed projects
and who is working on what. Maintains contact with project leaders and
helps to identify gaps in project resources.

Provides information about events and projects to members, students and
citizens through incoming and outbound telephone calls, e-mails, fax and
ordinary mail. Refers media enquiries to appropriate HL leadership,
following up to insure media representatives receive information in
timely manner.

Maintains data bases of member information and emails, library of
handouts, press coverage and press releases and the video library of TV
coverage, documentaries, etc.

Assists with event and meeting preparations including room arrangements,
production of handouts, arrangement for audio video equipment and
coordination of  miscellaneous logistics. Distributes press releases,
radio and TV announcements, etc to publicize meetings and events,
insuring media deadlines are met.

Responsible for office supply management, procuring items as needed and
maintaining supply expense records. Works with Treasurer to insure
expenses are documented and paid.

Background Requirements

Requires strong administrative skills, ability to work with limited
supervision and be very organized. Be able to project HealthLink as a serious and welcoming grass roots organization. Should have strong interpersonal skills to help current and prospective members feel comfortable with the issues involved and the strategies being pursued. While not expected to be an expert on power plants, drinking water or sustainable energy, some knowledge of the issues is desirable as well as a desire to learn more about them. A strong commitment to the mission of HealthLink and a helpful and positive attitude essential.
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