interview Penny Arnold
Hershey Middle School Librarian
Mr. Curtis Griffin
Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Technology
Derry Township School District
Hershey, PA

I chose to interview Mr. Griffin since he is a "mover and shaker" in our District.  I had the pleasure of working with him as the Principal of our Middle School for three years, when he was promoted to his current position.  He is supportive, approachable, and yes, demanding.

What does the word "leadership" mean to you?

I see it the same regardless of the position in the education environment - as a teacher, a principal, or in the District Office. The leadership needs to set a vision or a direction and help the group to move there by providing resources, modeling the desired behaviors, and removing obstacles that hinder reaching the vision.

Why do you think you have been identified as an effective educational leader?

I am effective working with the "human side", trying to meet the needs of personnel as we move towards our vision or mission.  By being an effective mover, change will occur.

What are the characteristics of an effective leader?

*Seek to understand before trying to be understood.  In other words, be a good listener and communicate well.
*Organizational and planning skills.
*Being able to prioritize issues and needs
*Understand others' feedback and determine the direction needed.

What advice do you have for technology coordinators as far as educational leadership is concerned?

Support.  Support.  Support.
Vision. Patience. Vision. Patience. Vision. Patience.
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