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Middlesex Community College Introduction to Psychology
Try the various activities here to help you review your chapter concepts.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Chapter 1 What is Psychology?
Review of Chapter 1 Terms
Chapter 2, Theories of Personality
Review of Chapter 2 terms & concepts (Personality)
Learning and Conditioning
Review of Chapter 8 terms (Matching and Flash Cards)
Conditioning and Learning
Review of Chapter 8 terms (Hangman)
Thinking and Intelligence (Chapter 6)
Review of Chapter 6 terms
Emotion, Stress & Health (Chapter 12)
Review of Chapter 12 Terms (Emotion&Stress)
Psychological Disorders (Chapter 10)
Review of key terms and concepts for Chapter 10
Approaches to Treatment & Therapy
Chapter 11 - review of key terms and concepts
Who Has a Million Dollar Memory?
Review of Chapter 7 Terms (Memory)
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