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Celebrate a famous artist's birthday! 
With a group of three or four of your classmates, you are going to throw a party for a famous artist.  At a birthday party, people usually do some fun activities, like games, eat cake and drink punch, and in our case learn about the artist we are celebrating.

To throw a birthday party, follow these easy steps:
1.  Choose an artist from the list on the following website:
Look up an artist by month.  Then look at artwork by some the artists that you may want to celebrate.  As a group, choose one that appeals to you.

2. Research the artist.  Go to:
· Books in the library.
· The internet.  Use reputable museum sites. (see links)
· Mrs. Pollinger (I have lots of resources!)

3.  Design a presentation to tell your party-goers something about the honoree.  Date of birth, brief history, some information about style and techniques, and at least five examples of the artists work.
Your presentation should be brief.  (We want enough time for games and cake!)

4.  Design an activity or game.  Use your creativity!  Be original!  Come up with a game or activity that involves the artist you are honoring.  How can you modify "pin the tail on the donkey"?  Maybe a scavenger hunt would be fun!  Word searches are always interesting.  A short arts and crafts session might be appropriate. Perhaps you design a modified pictionary game or guesstures game.  Sky is the limit!

5.  Bring in refreshments!  What's a party without cake?  Designate people in your group to bring some kind of baked good (homemade is cheaper and tastes better, but store bought is OK too), a drink, and paper napkins and plates.  Bring enough for each person in the class to have some.  There are 27 students in our class.
You must meet with the people in your group to plan, organize, and create the birthday party.  Meet during your lunch period, after school in my classroom, or at home.  You must have your presentation and activities approved one week in advance of your party (Hand in worksheet and checklist!)  Don't delay, start planning now!  Good parties are a result of good planning!

Here are the dates for each month's parties:

NOVEMBER - Wednesday, November 28th

DECEMBER - Wednesday, December 12th

JANUARY - Friday, January 9th

FEBRUARY - Tuesday, February 26th

MARCH - Tuesday, March 26th

APRIL - Wednesday, April 17th

MAY - Monday, May 13th

JUNE- Tuesday, June 4th

Set up and clean up for each party is the job of the following month's group.  For example, the group going in December will set up and clean up the party for the November Birthday party. 
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