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December 13, 2001

Unit- Safety and Health

Chapter 18-1- Preventing Accidents and Handling Emergencies
              Highlights common safety hazards for chldren
              of different ages and describes rescue
              techniques and first aid for emergency

Chapter 18-2- Preventing Illness and Caring for a Sick Child
              Discusses the importance of health checkups
              and immunizations and gives suggestions for
              caring for a child who is ill.

After completing Chapter 18, students will be able to identify safety hazards and describe appropriate responses in emergencies.
Discuss proper firsr aid for a variety of common injuries.
Explain the importance of regular health checkups and immunizations.
Discuss caregiver techniques for children who are ill or hospitalized.

Critical Thinking Activity-  Students identify a safe way to handle this situation:  You are caring for a one-year-old.  You are expecting a very important phone call.  You put the child in the tub for a bath, and at that moment the phone rings.  What do you do? Why?

You are taking a group of children to an amusement park.  What should you pack in a first-aid kit?

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