Adult High School

Each Monday, you will open a new document;  create a header and respond to the journal question.  On Wednesday, you will re-open that document and add the next journal question, save, print, and submit for a grade.  A journal response should be at least a short paragraph.

MONDAY - 10/23/06
If you could have one super power for one day, what would it be?
WEDNESDAY - 10/25/06
If you were accidentally locked in someplace for twenty-four hours and couldn't get out, where would be the worst place to be trapped and where would be the best place? Why?

MONDAY - 10/30/06
What is the worst nightmare you have ever had?  Is there anything that you want sooooo much that you would be willing to have that nightmare every night for a week in order to get your wish?
WEDNESDAY - 11/1/06
What is the most valuable possession you own?  Would you ever be willing to part with it?  Explain

MONDAY - 11/6/06
Would you like to have a brother or sister who was just about the best brother or sister you could imagine - friendly, smart, good at everything he/she tried, and close to you - if it meant that everyone would always talk about how great he/she was and not pay much attention to you?
WEDNESDAY - 11/8/06
Pretend there are three people in a doctor's office: a one-year-old baby, a grandmother with a lot of grandchildren who love her very much, and a teenager who works hard but just flunked out of high school.  They are all seriously ill, but you can only save one of them.  Which would you pick?  Explain.

MONDAY - 11/13/06
Would you lie to protect a good friend if you knew he had stolen something from a neighbor, and your other friends asked you what you knew about it?
WEDNESDAY - 11/15/06
When you were young did adults sometimes try to get you to watch TV (or play video games) so you wouldn't bother them?  If so, how did it make you feel?  Do you ever do something similar with your own kids or kids you watch?

MONDAY - 11/20/06
What things do you see people doing just to fill up time and keep themselves busy?  What things do you do for that same reason?
WEDNESDAY - 11/22/06
If you have kids of your own, or plan to have them sometime, how would you treat them differently from the way your parents treated you?

MONDAY - 11/27/06
How would you feel if you found out today that you were adopted when you were a baby? Would you try to find your natural parents?
WEDNESDAY - 11/29/06
Do you think there is life on other planets?  If so, what would they look like?  Would they be like us?  How would they communicate?

MONDAY - 12/4/06
If you could travel back or forward anywhere in time, where and when would you want to go for ONE day?
WEDNESDAY - 12/6/06
Some people think that war is OK when the battle is about something that people are willing to fight, kill, and die for.  What is your opinion about war?  What things mean that much to you?

MONDAY - 12/11/06
If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?  Why?
WEDNESDAY - 12/13/06
What kind of animal would people say that you are most like?  If you were to describe yorself as an animal, which one do you think youare most like?
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