introcomputer Ms. Bugdal
Ammons Middle School Computer Teacher

Wednesday, June 6 (6th period)- Performance Final Exam
Thursday, June 7 (2nd period)- Performance Final Exam

Monday, June 11 (both)- Objective Final Exam

Performance Exam:  Web Page Portfolio
Objective Exam:  vocabulary, HTML code troubleshooting

Creating your own web page....Yes, it is time, for you to finally make a web page on your own!  You may choose your own semi-educational topic (please, no fan club/celebrity web sites, dragon ball z, etc.)The only requirements are as follows:
1.  must be a framed page OR show you knowledge of internal, relative AND absolute links
2.  must have at least one table
3.  must have at least one list
4.  cannot make Mrs. Earley nauseous with too many spinning animations and crazy background designs (and yes, you may find your own backgrounds and graphics)
5.  should not be too only have until the end of the week to complete it.....make it simple!

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