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Communities Around the World Task

Students will gather information about urban communities around the world. Each pair of students will chose one urban community outside of the U.S. to research. They will be involved in comparing and contrasting their community to the others around the world. A two ‘page’ document on the computer, with drawings, showing the differences on one page and what is the same on another, would be the end product. A brief oral presentation with pages projected onto the screen would also be required. The ultimate goal of this activity is for them to see what they share with others, but also to show them the uniqueness of communities around the world. They also will learn to use various resources to find their information.

Activity Questions I would probably make up a simple worksheet that students could use to record their research.
1. What is the name of the city you chose? What country is it in? Is it the city the capital of the country it is in?
2. What is the geographical environment of this city?
3. What is the climate of this city?
4. How is this city similar to the city of Chicago?
5. How is this city different from the city of Chicago?
6. Is their anything about the city you chose that you believe is unique to that city only? Why do you believe this?

Resources · Social Studies textbook · Encyclopedia, either book or CD-Rom. · Books and magazine articles

Culminating Question Now that everyone has presented their city, what are the things that all the cities had in common?

Project Obviously at least one computer is needed to create the pages for the project. This can be done in Microsoft Word or HyperStudio. Drawings can be done on the computer, or on paper. Paper drawings can be photographed and pasted to the computer page. I am new to this process and can’t give more details until I work it through myself. If no computer is available, a two-sided poster could be used for each of the elements required. Pictures could even be cut from travel magazines.


I only answered one or two questions 1 pt.
I answered half of the questions 2 pts.
I answered most of the questions 3 pts.
I answered all the questions 4 pts. Score

I included only 1 difference and 1 similarity3 pts.
I included 2 differences and 2 similarities6 pts.
I included 3 differences and 3 similarities9 pts.
I included 4 differences and 4 similarities 12 pts.

I mumbled, rushed, and did not give important information 1 pt.
I gave only a little important information and I rushed 2 pts.
I gave important information, spoke clearly but rushed3 pts.
I spoke clearly, took my time and gave important information 4 pts.

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