irms8thmath Miss Martinez
Indian Ridge Middle School 8th grade math
Upcoming Events

Monday, May 15th
    Wrap-up-the-year day.  Return final exams, get final        grade.

Tuesday, May 16th
    Taas free day.  There will be a movie room, a game          room,and a music room.  

Wednesday, May 17th
    8th grade day trip to MovieOne cinema and Album Park.
    Must return parent permission slips to see PG-13 movie.      Bring sack lunch to eat at park.  

Thursday, May 18th
    Block 8B field trip to Socorro ISD Athletic Complex.
    Be sure to bring your own sack lunch.
    Items you may want to bring: sunscreen, beachballs,
    frisbees,goggles, caps, radios,etc.
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