islanders Mr. B
Jericho Elementary 5th grade

Dates to remember:
*D.A.R.E. essays due: Wed. Jan. 16th
*Scholastic Book Fair: Wed. Jan. 16th
*D.A.R.E. graduation: Mon. Jan. 28th @ 9:30
My Quia activities and quizzes
Bridge to Terabithia vocab cht 1-3 !
Bidge to Terabithia vocabulary chapts. 1-3
The Whipping Boy--vocab 11-20
The Whipping Boy vocabulary chapts. 11-20
FLIGHT- Historical pilots
Who am I? Various historical pilots.
Vocab cht. 4-6 "Bridge to Terabithia"
Bridge to Terabithia vocab cht. 4-6
The Greek and Roman Gods
Match gods and goddesses to their rule
Social Studies vocabulary review
social studies vocab review
Branches of Goverment and "Bill to Law" review
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