isler Señorita Isler
GRAPEVINE HIGH SCHOOL profesora de español

This page is created especially for my Spanish III classes.

Tarea: 1. Study the Verb Vocabulary for a Quiz on Monday/Tuesday (August 20/21). 2. Bring Covered Textbook to class with personalized shield stating: soy (3 cosas), 3 verbos, Tengo (3 cosas), and Me gusta (3 cosas). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
My Quia activities and quizzes
Adjectives -- Vocabulary Practice
Quiz- questions and answers
Practice with -ar Verbs
Choose the correct verb for each sentence
Number practice
work with numbers 10-1000
Level 3 good review of chp.1
Preterite Practice
Radicals and Sandals
Regular Verb Vocabulary
Verb Vocabulary -- good preparation for Quiz on August 20/21
Useful links
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