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North Syracuse Junior High School Social Studies 8
Use the Presidential candidates web page to determine the position they have taken on the issue that your group is researching.
   Things to Consider:
      1.  Are the views different?
      2.  What sort of action or policy does each plan  
          on taking?
      3.  Does the policy or action seem liberal or  
      4.  Does the policy help all Americans, or just a
          certain group of Americans?
      5.  Does the view favor private choice, or does it
          favor government intervention?

  After you have gained as much data as possible related to your groups issue, make a campaign poster for your assigned candidate.  You will want to use the class article "Do You Get the Message?" to help you with your campaign ad.  (See Miss Charron if you have lost your copy)
  Be sure to include:
      1.  The Name of your Candidiate, and his political
      2.  Be sure to title the poster.  You may simply use
          the issue that you are researching... but be
          creative!   Use examples given in the
          reading "Do You Get The Message?".
          For Example: Use a tactic like 'Promising the
          Sky'... "Al Gore Will Eliminate Crime with his  
          Gun Control Policy".
      3.  State your candidates position on the policy.  
          Also state the opponents policy.  
          Hint:  Use 'Name-Calling', or 'Passing the Blame
          Tactics' to make your opponent's policy look bad.
      4.  State how this policy will help Americans, or
           why it is the better policy.

Most importantly... BE CREATIVE!!!
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