issues2000charron Miss Charron
Jordan Elbridge High School Social Studies 9
Welcome Class!
Below, you will find links to the Candidates web pages. 

1.  Choose an issue which interests you (you will find a 
    "select an issue" box on each web site.  Gore's is at
    the top in red.  For Bush's, scroll down a bit... it's
    in a black and yellow box).
2.  Take notes on how each candidate feels about that
    issue.  What have they done in the past?  Are they
    claiming credit for anything?  What are their future 
    plans?   Find 5 things for each.
3.  After you have researched both candidates, decide who
    would make the better President, or decide for yourself
    who has the better stance on your issue.
4.  See the ditto hand-out for instructions on how to make
    your campaign poster.
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