Buongiorno a tutti,

Please use these exercises in conjunction with the worksheet.

The lesson is centred on joining a preposition (a, di, in,etc..) with an article (il, lo, la,l').  This can be a bit tricky and in order to make the two words come together to form one, it is necessary to know the gender of the noun you are joining.

Consult the worksheet as it will help.  I have also included a section on 'prenotazione' (booking a hotel).  we shall  be doing more work on this next week.

Very well done to all those who came last week and who handed in  excellent work - they are in the tray - marked.

Any comments or if you require help please e-mail me.

Maria Jones
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Partitive Articles.
Partitive Articles
Prenotazione (booking a room in a hotel)
Prenotare una Camera in albergo
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