itcomplab Mr. Williams
Indian Trail Middle School computer lab teacher
Welcome to ITMS computer lab.

Week 1 Oct 23-27
Type to Learn lessons 1-5
Parent letters assignment (Microsoft Word)

Week 2 Oct 30 / Nov 3
Type to Learn lessons 6-8
Keyboarding activity online
Internet project- type endings of Native American legends. Native American legends usually explain
a natural phenomena that could not be explained by
science such as:  Why rivers sparkle, how the sun
rises, why the ocean moves, how did the beaver get its
bushy tail, etc. Native American legends also have
animals as their main characters (they speak!) and
sometimes contain a moral. We will receive and read incomplete legends online, prepare our own endings, then return completed stories to the sender.

Week 3 Nov 6-10
Continue Type to Learn lessons
Begin Type for Fun lessons
Online project - Native American legends(con't)
Name poem assignment
Sending/receiving e-mail
Develop e-mail address book
Internet quiz #1

Week 4 Nov 13-17
Ongoing Type to Learn and Type for Fun lessons
E-mails with attachments
Graph typing progress (Microsoft Excel)
Time spent pie charts (Microsoft Excel)
Mid-term grades

Week 5 Nov 20-24
Thanksgiving holidays 22/24
Continue typing lessons
Internet quiz #2

Week 6 Nov27/Dec1
Continue typing lessons
Begin biography reports

Week 7 Dec 4-8
My Quia activities and quizzes
Use the clues to identify the keys
Useful links
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